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112 STAT. 1928 PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 Sec. 817. Scope of protection of certain information from disclosure. Sec. 818. Plan for rapid transition from completion of small business innovation research into defense acquisition programs. Sec. 819. Five-year authority for Secretary of the Navy to exchange certain items. Sec. 820, Permanent authority for use of major range and test facility installations by commercial entities. Sec. 821. Inventory exchange authorized for certain fuel delivery contract. TITLE IX—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Subtitle A—Department of Defense OfRcers and Organization Sec. 901. Reduction in number of Assistant Secretary of Defense positions. Sec. 902. Repeal of statutory requirement for position of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence. Sec. 903. Independent task force on transformation and Department of Defense organization. Sec. 904. Authority to expand the National Defense University. Sec. 905. Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies. Sec. 906. Restructuring of administration of Fisher Houses. Sec. 907. Management reform for research, development, test, and evaluation activities. Subtitle B—Department of Defense Financial Management Sec. 911. Improved accounting for defense contract services. Sec. 912. Report on Department of Defense financial management improvement plan. Sec. 913. Study of feasibility of performance of Department of Defense finance and accounting functions by private sector sources or other Federal sources. Sec. 914. Limitation on reorganization and consolidation of operating locations of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. Sec. 915. Annual report on resources allocated to support and mission activities. Subtitle C—Joint WarHghting Experimentation Sec. 921. Findings concerning joint warfighting experimentation. Sec. 922. Sense of Congress concerning joint warfighting experimentation. Sec. 923. Reports on joint warfighting experimentation. Subtitle D—Other Matters Sec. 931. Further reductions in defense acquisition and support workforce. Sec. 932. Limitation on operation and support funds for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Sec. 933. Clarification and simplification of responsibilities of Inspectors General regarding whistleblower protections. Sec. 934. Repeal of requirement relating to assignment of tactical airlift mission to reserve components. Sec. 935. Consultation with Marine Corps on major decisions directly concerning Marine Corps aviation. TITLE X—GENERAL PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Financial Matters Sec. 1001. Transfer authority. Sec. 1002. Incorporation of classified annex. Sec. 1003. Authorization of prior emergency supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 1998. Sec. 1004. Authorization of appropriations for Bosnia peacekeeping operations for fiscal year 1999. Sec. 1005. Partnership for Peace Information Management System. Sec. 1006. United States contribution to NATO common-funded budgets in fiscal year 1999. Sec. 1007. Liquidity of working-capital funds. Sec. 1008. Termination of authority to manage working-capital funds and certain activities through the Defense Business Operations Fund. Sec. 1009. Clarification of authority to retain recovered costs of disposals in working-capital funds. Sec. 1010. Crediting of amounts recovered from third parties for loss or damage to personal property shipped or stored at Government expense. Subtitle B—Naval Vessels and Shipyards Sec. 1011. Revision to requirement for continued listing of two Iowa-class battleships on the Naval Vessel Register.