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PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 112 STAT. 1929 Sec. 1012. Transfer of U.S.S. NEW JERSEY. Sec. 1013. Homeporting of the U.S.S. IOWA in San Francisco, California. Sec. 1014. Sense of Congress concerning the naming of an LPD-17 vessel. Sec. 1015. Reports on naval surface fire-support capabilities. Sec. 1016. Long-term charter of three vessels in support of submarine rescue, escort, and towing. Sec. 1017. Transfer of obsolete Army tugboat. Subtitle C—Counter-Drug Activities and Other Assistance for Civilian Law Enforcement Sec. 1021. Department of Defense support to other agencies for counter-drug activities. Sec. 1022. Department of Defense support of National Guard drug interdiction and counter-drug activities. Sec. 1023. Department of Defense counter-drug activities in transit zone. Subtitle D—Miscellaneous Report Requirements and Repeals Sec. 1031. Repeal of unnecessary and obsolete reporting provisions. Sec. 1032. Report regarding use of tagging system to identify hydrocarbon fuels used by Department of Defense. Subtitle E—Armed Forces Retirement Home Sec. 1041. Appointment of Director and Deputy Director of the Naval Home. Sec. 1042. Revision of inspection requirements relating to Armed Forces Retirement Home. Sec. 1043. Clarification of land conveyance authority. Armed Forces Retirement Home. Subtitle F—Matters Relating to Defense Property Sec. 1051. Plan for improved demilitarization of excess and surplus defense property. Sec. 1052. Transfer of F-4 Phantom II aircraft to foundation. Subtitle G—Other Department of Defense Matters Sec. 1061. Pilot program on alternative notice of receipt of legal process for garnishment of Federal pay for child support and alimony. Sec. 1062. Training of special operations forces with friendly foreign forces. Sec. 1063. Research grants competitively awarded to service academies. Sec. 1064. Department of Defense use of frequency spectrum. Sec. 1065. Department of Defense aviation accident investigations. Sec. 1066. Investigation of actions relating to 174th Fighter Wing of New York Air National Guard. Sec. 1067. Program to commemorate 50th anniversary of the Korean War. Sec. 1068. Designation of America's National Maritime Museum. Sec. 1069. Technical and clerical amendments. Subtitle H—Other Matters Sec. 1071. Act constituting Presidential approval of vessel war risk insurance requested by the Secretary of Defense. Sec. 1072. Extension and reauthorization of Defense Production Act of 1950. Sec. 1073. Requirement that burial flags furnished by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs be wholly produced in the United States. Sec. 1074. Sense of Congress concerning tax treatment of principal residence of members of Armed Forces while away from home on active duty. Sec. 1075. Clarification of State authority to tax compensation paid to certain employees. TITLE XI—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CIVILIAN PERSONNEL Sec. 1101. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency experimental personnel management program for technical personnel. Sec. 1102. Maximum pay rate comparability tor faculty members of the United States Air Force Institute of Technology. Sec. 1103. Authority for release to Coast Guard m drug test results ot civil service mariners of the Military Sealift Command. Sec. 1104. Limitations on back pay awards. Sec. 1105. Restoration of annual leave accumulated by civilian employees at instellations in the Republic of Panama to be closed pursuant to the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977. Sec. 1106. Repeal of program providing preference for employment of military spouses in military cnild care facilities.