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116 STAT. 866 PUBLIC LAW 107-206—AUG. 2, 2002 (B) any additional treatment for the Deadman and Vanocker sales, shall be consistent with the Black Hills ' Forest Plan, including the "Phase I Amendment"; and (C) any additional treatment for the Redhill and Danno sales shall comply with the provisions of 7b, c, and g of the Settlement. (4) SKID TRAILS,—Notwithstanding the Settlement, the Secretary may authorize access by skid trails to the additional treatment areas referred to in this subsection to remove or treat infested stands, except that the skid trails otherwise restricted by the settlement shall be restored to pre-existing conditions upon completion of treatment activities. (5) COMPLETION OF TREATMENT ACTIVITIES.— The Secretary shall request timber purchasers to give priority to completing treatment within the Piedmont, Ejrk, Redhill, Cavern, Deadman, Danno, and Vanocker timber sale areas to address fire issues and beetle outbreaks. (d) OTHER TREATMENTS.— (1) BUFFER ZONES.— The Secretary is authorized to reduce risk to private property adjoining the Black Hills National Forest by treating insect infested trees, dead trees, and downed woody materials on National Forest System lands in T5N, R5E, BHM, Section 35, and T4N, R5E, BHM, Sections 1, 2 and 12 within 200 feet of adjacent private property. The treatments shall comply with the goshawk nest protections and snail protections in provisions 6c and 7g of the Settlement. (2) ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS. —The Secretary is authorized to treat for insects and fuel reduction National Forest System lands within y4 mile of private property and other non-National Forest System lands near the community of Sturgis, and shall include, where feasible, the following locations: (A) in T5N, R5E, BHM within ^4 mile of the exterior boundary of the Black Hills National Forest in— (i) Section 35; (ii) Section 27; (iii) Section 21; (iv) Section 20; and (v) Section 18. .

(B) in T5N, R4E, BHM — (i) Section 13; (ii) Section 11; (iii) Section 2; (iv) Section 3; and (v) Section 4. (3) FUEL BREAKS.— The Secretary shall establish 400-foot fuel breaks as depicted on the map entitled "Beaver Park Fuel Breaks and Fuel Treatment Areas," dated June 11, 2002. In establishing the fuel breaks, the Secretary— (A) shall not enter any 30-acre area around historic or active goshawk nest sites identified in Exhibit Bl of the Settlement; and (B) shall use best efforts to retain the largest green trees and large snags. (4) LIMITATION. — Treatment actions outside of the Beaver Park Roadless Area authorized by subsection (c) and subsection (d)(1), (2), and (3) shall be limited to no more than 8,000