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PUBLIC LAW 107-206—AUG. 2, 2002 116 STAT. 867 acres of National Forest System land, pending the issuance of a decision on the proposed Elk Bugs and Fuel project. (5) FORBES GULCH.— To reduce concentrated heavy fuels, the Secretary is authorized to treat not more than 700 acres within the area identified as Forbes Gulch on the map referred to in paragraph (3). Such treatments shall not involve commercial timber sales or road construction, except that the Secretary may permit firewood cutters to remove the timber without construction of any roads. In carrying out the treatments authorized by this paragraph, the Secretary— (A) may use the Forbes Gulch unclassified road for motorized equipment and vehicles to facilitate ingress and egress of equipment and personnel and may maintain this road to minimum standards necessary for safety and resource protection; (B) may utilize helicopters to fly in heavy equipment (such as industrial chippers and small tractors) to assist with the project; (C) shall use best efforts to retain the largest green trees and large snags; (D) may construct two 10-acre safety zones; and (E) shall reduce the stand structure to no less than 40 square feet basal area per acre of live trees, if available. (e) FIRE SUPPRESSION ACCESS IN THE BEAVER PARK ROADLESS AREA.— (1) PRE-SUPPRESSION PLAN.—The pre-suppression plan for the Beaver Park Roadless Area provided for in the Settlement may provide for actions authorized by this section, and shall be completed as soon as practicable. (2) IMPROVED ACCESS. — The Secretary is authorized to provide for improved fire equipment access at the perimeter of the Beaver Park Roadless Area by improving classified Forest Roads 139.1, 169.1b, 169. Id, and 139.1b. Such improvements shall be the minimum necessary for crews, equipment and single axle wildfire trucks and may include removing selected trees along roads, constructing pull-outs and tum-arounds, smoothing road surfaces in rough spots, and straightening some corners. (3) FORBES GULCH UNCLASSIFIED ROAD. —To protect public safety and reduce fire risks, the Secretary shall prohibit public access year-long on the Forbes Gulch unclassified road. The Secretary shall conduct a roads analysis process as provided in Forest Service Manual 7710 and the necessary level of analysis and documentation pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4321-4347) (in this section referred to as "NEPA") before making a decision to open to public motor vehicle use the Forbes Gulch unclassified road identified on the map entitled "Beaver Park Fuel Breaks and Fuel Treatment Areas," dated June 11, 2002. Except as provided in subsection (d)(5) and until a decision is issued, the Secretary shall not maintain the Forbes Gulch unclassified road and shall prohibit public access on the road. (4) HELISPOTS.— If sufficient openings for helispots are not available in the Beaver Park Roadless Area, the Secretary is authorized to construct two 5-acre helispots within the Area to transport firefighters and fire equipment into and out of the area.