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PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 116 STAT. 2463 Sec. 522. Authority for limited extension of medical deferment of mandatory retirement or separation of reserve component officers. Subtitle D—Enlistment, Education, and Training Programs Sec. 531. Enlistment incentives for pursuit of skills to facilitate national service. Sec. 532. Authority for phased increase to 4,400 in authorized strengths for the service academies. Sec. 533. Enhancement of reserve component delayed training program. Sec. 534. Review of Armed Forces programs for preparation for, participation in, and conduct of athletic competitions. Sec. 535. Repeal of bar to eligibility of Army College First program participants for benefits under student loan repayment program. Subtitle E—Decorations, Awards, and Commendations Sec. 541. Waiver of time limitations for award of Army Distinguished-Service Cross to certain persons. Sec. 542. Option to convert award of Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal awarded for Operation Frequent Wind to Vietnam Service Medal. Sec. 543. Korea Defense Service Medal. Sec. 544. Commendation of military chaplains. Subtitle F—Administrative Matters Sec. 551. Staffing and funding for Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Of- fice. Sec. 552. Three-year freeze on reductions of personnel of agencies responsible for review and correction of military records. Sec. 553. Authority for acceptance of volimtary services of individuals as proctors for administration of Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. Sec. 554. Extension of temporary early retirement authority. Subtitle G—Matters Relating to Minorities and Women in the Armed Forces Sec. 561. Surveys of racial and ethnic issues and of gender issues in the Armed Forces. Sec. 562. Annual report on status of female members of the Armed Forces. Sec. 563. Wear of abayas by female members of the Armed Forces in Saudi Arabia. Subtitle H—Benefits Sec. 571. Department of Defense support for persons participating in military funeral honors details. Sec. 572. Emergency leave of absence program. Sec. 573. Enhanced flexibility in medical loan repayment program. Sec. 574. Destinations authorized for Government paid transportation of enlisted personnel for rest and recuperation absence upon extending duty at designated locations overseas. Sec. 575. Vehicle storage in lieu of transportation when member is ordered to a nonforeign duty station outside continental United States. Subtitle I—Reports Sec. 581. Quadrennial quality of life review. Sec. 582. Report on desirability and feasibility of consolidating separate courses of basic instruction for judge advocates. Sec. 583. Reports on efforts to resolve status of Captain Michael Scott Speicher, United States Navy. Sec. 584. Report on volunteer services of members of the reserve components in emergency response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. TITLE VI—COMPENSATION AND OTHER PERSONNEL BENEFITS Subtitle A—Pay and Allowances Sec. 601. Increase in basic pay for fiscal year 2003. Sec. 602. Basic allowance for housing in cases of low-cost or no-cost moves. Sec. 603. Rate of basic allowance for subsistence for enlisted personnel occupying single Government quarters without adequate availability of meals. Subtitle B—Bonuses and Special and Incentive Pays Sec. 611. One-year extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for reserve forces. Sec. 612. One-year extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for certain health care professionals. Sec. 613. One-year extension of special pay and bonus authorities for nuclear officers.