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PUBLIC LAW 107-347—DEC. 17, 2002 116 STAT. 2911 SEC. 202. FEDERAL AGENCY RESPONSffilLrriES. 44 USC 3501 (a) IN GENERAL.— The head of each agency shall be responsible for— (1) complying with the requirements of this Act (including the amendments made by this Act), the related information resource management policies and guidance established by the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the related information technology standsirds promulgated by the Secretary of Commerce; (2) ensuring that the information resource management policies and guidance established under this Act by the Director, and the related information technology standards promulgated by the Secretary of Commerce are commiuiicated promptly and effectively to all relevant officials within their agency; and (3) supporting the efforts of the Director and the Administrator of the General Services Administration to develop, maintain, and promote an integrated Internet-based system of delivering Federal Government information and services to the public under section 204. (b) PERFORMANCE INTEGRATION. — (1) Agencies shall develop performance measures that demonstrate how electronic government enables progress towsird agency objectives, strategic goals, and statutory mandates. (2) In measiuing performance under this section, agencies shall rely on existing data collections to the extent practicable. (3) Areas of performance measurement that agencies should consider include— (A) customer service; (B) agency productivity; and (C) adoption of innovative information technology, including the appropriate use of commercial best practices. (4) Agencies shall link their performance goals, as appropriate, to key groups, including citizens, businesses, and other governments, and to interned Federal Government operations. (5) As appropriate, agencies shall work collectively in linking their performance goals to groups identified under paragraph (4) and shall use information technology in delivering Government information and services to those groups. (c) AVOIDING DIMINISHED ACCESS.— When promulgating policies and implementing programs regarding the provision of Government information and services over the Internet, agency heads shall consider the impact on persons without access to the Internet, and shall, to the extent practicable— (1) ensure that the availability of Government information and services has not been diminished for individuals who lack access to the Internet; and (2) pursue alternate modes of delivery that make Government information and services more accessible to individuals who do not own computers or lack access to the Internet. (d) ACCESSIBILITY TO PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES.— A ll actions taken by Federal departments and agencies under this Act shall be in compliance with section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 794d). (e) SPONSORED ACTIVITIES.— Agencies shall sponsor activities that use information technology to engage the public in the development and implementation of policies and programs.