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'I`HIRTY—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rus. 5; 6, 7. 1860. 115 Be it resolved Q1; the Senate and Hama of Representatives of the United Macon, Geor- Slatcs of America in Oimgres: assembled, That Macon, Georgia, be, and €,"·°° b“‘.°“ P°"* is hereby, constituted a. port of entry, so far and to such extent as to higtgwaiuauthorize the Secretary of the Treasury, at his discretion, to extend thereto all existing revenue laws prevailing at ports of entry, and applicable to bonded warehouses, to the bonding of imported goods, wares, and merchandise, and the exportation of the same: Provided, That the pmrm force and elfect hereof shall appertain only to importations made for the purposes exclusively above recited, and for exportations of the same so having been exhibited, and at such time or times before, during, and after the said fair, as shall, in the judgment of the Secretary of the Treasury, seem reasonable for the aforesaid purposes thereofi Approved, April 6, 1860. [No. 6.] A Resolution in Regard to the Minister jiom Japan. April 19, 1860. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Stale: of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of fifty thousand dollars $60,000 approbe, and the same is hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in P’l”°d°ff°§ °"‘ the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to defray the expenses of the xbm;? envoys and suite constituting the Japanese embassy, expected to arrive in the United_States. The same, or so much thereof as may be required, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State. Approved, April 19, 1860. [No. 7.] A Resolution m allow Oredit to certain Dicbursing Ojws dancin mentioned. .Apdl19, 1860. Whereas by the act of the thirtieth of August, eighteen hundred and Y¤¤¤¤bl¤· fifty-two, entitled “An act making appropriations for the improvement 1852, di- 1% of certain harbors and rivers," the following appropriations (among V°1‘x° P' w' others) were made, to wit: For the improvement of the navigation of the Mississippi River, below the rapids, ninety thousand dollars; the Ohio, including repairs of the dam at Cumberland Island, ninety thousand dollars; the Missouri and Arkansas Rivers, each forty thousand dollars; and for the construction and repair of snag-boats, dredgeboats, discharging scows, and machinery to be used on the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, and other western rivers, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars;" and whereas, it also appears that in carrying into effect the said provision of law the officers and agents of government intrusted therewith, and with the application and disbursement of said appropriations, did apply and disburse part of the money appropriated as aforesaid for “ the improvement of the navigation" of said rivers, for the construction or repairs of the said snag-boats, dredgeboats, discharging scows, or machinery, in aid of and in addition to the appropriation of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, made for this specidc object, and which proved to be inadequate; in consequence whereof, and of this application to one object of money appropriated to another, the officers or agents are unable to settle their accounts, though prepared, as they allege, to show that said money has been expended in the service of the government, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Rqrresentatives of the United State: of America in Oongreu assembled, That the accounts of the said officers mfgag and agents who are chargeable as aforesaid for the disbursement of said ned on cqnitsb1• appropriations, respectively, shall be settled at the treasury of the United 9¤'l¤¤*Pl°¤— States upon equitable principles, and all just credits allowed for the building or repairing of said boats, snows, and machinery, without regard to the fact of their exceeding in amount the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars appropriated for that purpose, and as though the application to that purpose of part of the money appropriated as aforesaid to “ the im-