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116 THIRTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. l. RES. 9, 12, 18, 19. 186()_ Provism provement of the navigation” of said rivers had been lawful: Provided, That the credits allowed shall not exceed the total amount of said appropriations. Approved, April 19, 1860. May 9, 1860. [No. 9.] A Resolution authorizing Captains WMM L. Hudson and Joshua R. Sands to ”" *""' ewcqit certain Testimonials awarded to them by the Government of Great Britain. Resolved by the Senate and House of Rgwseratatives of the United States L C%P*:l¤¤ W13- of America in Congress assembled. That ptains William L. Hudson and _,,;,,,,,; iglsggds Joshua R. Sands, of the navy of the United States, be, and they are may accept hereby, authorized to accept the snuiflbox and medal recently transmitted

'§£l’°" we to this government by the government of Great Britain to be presented

` to each of said officers as memorials of their services in laying down the Atlantic cable. Approved, May 9, 1860. Huy 24, 1860- [No. 12.] A Resolution Enggnrxtjfbandl Construction of a Branch to, wv! 6 dh. OT 71 ana . Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States _ of America in Congress assembled, That the President and Directors of Plguwglllgugsld the Louisville and Portland Canal Company be, and they are hereby, an- ,0 bznonmged thorized, with the revenues and credits of the company, to enlarge the andbranch bunt. saidbeanpl apdlfo construct azblranch canal from a suitable point on the sont si e o the present can to a point in the Ohio River o osite Sand Island, sufficient to pass tlie largest class of steam-vessel; iiiiiriga- P*’°'l°°• ting the Ohio River: :Provided, 'Ilhat nothing herein contained. shall auv·—¤~¤ s~»=··· E}Z§§.l‘§rZ`?€..E'21‘E€Z??t1'i5‘IF€‘%’25l“°l’ °’ i“°l"*°”” “’ °" ,° M m no my _ . 1 e tes or the said enlargement or liable. construction. It hereby being expressly declared, that the government of the United States shall notobe in any manner liable for said enlargement and construction: Provided, further, 'l`hat when said canal is en- Tcm largied and its branch canal constructed and its cost of said improvements · pai or, no more tolls shall be collected than an amount sufficient to keep 2;; $::1 in repair and pay for all necessary superintendence and man- Approved, May 24, 1860. .!;¤;9_l2;}§Q;_ [Nuatmch¢i7. g suanggkas crm., came, .1 ammo Nations eso e · · . to the States and {erritorie:" W i andpuuw mm Documents as am jumulwd Resolved by the Senate and House qf.R ‘ · L B . . qrresentatwes of the United States mggonzlio M r31A3a in Uonyress assembled, That the Choctaw, Cherokee, and ,-,,,.,,,,;,,,,1 q,, K W ¤3li10!l8 ot Indians through such agent as the ma desi ate Choetaws. be furnished b the S ta h ‘ · y · y gn ’ 7 we ry of the Interior with such copies or volumes of the laws of the United States journals of Con d d printed by order of Con , · gmss’ an Ocumqnm rm of the United Smcsgress as are supphed to the States and Territo- Approved, June 15, 1860.

 R;;];] jlwlfwoluttbn inliebtion to the Works of the Exploring Expedition.

Tm mgm of of ldmcdga Senate. andHbLu;e or1fhRe12resentatives of the United iSldl€8 work; of , i,,,.. . __ , at two copies of the works of the f¤1Expgdjg¥°n ExP1°“¤g ExP°dm0¤; B0 fir 88 they can be su ]° d f ' ssvinsegabgga ;)hl'd61'0d1l0 be deposited in the library of Congrlggsdor plgbliegidtiddpli; · · · e resoution of February twentieth eight h i more residue or me works ss me 'nii °°° "udmd ““d f°""5"°’ th Y ¤_ be completed be delivered to e Secretary of SYMG, 0¤0 copy of which to be presentizd by him to ttl1B