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THIRTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 173. 1864. 281 determine in what district such tax shall be assessed and collected, and to what officer thereof the official notices required in that behalf shall be given, and of whom payment of such tax shall be demanded: Pro- Tax on manuvided, That all taxes on manufactures, manufacturing companies, and &f§;*;;°S·°°““‘°d manufacturing corporations shall be assessed, and the tax collected, in ` the district within which the place of manufacture is located, unless otherwise provided. INCOME. Income duty. Sec. 116. And be it further enacted, That there shall be levied, col- [Amended, Post, lected, and paid annually upon the annual gains, profits, or income of 1*479-] every person residing in the United States, or of any citizen of the United _ States residin abroad, whether derived from any kind of property, rents, S°‘"°“ °f m' interests, dividends, salaries, or from any profession, trade, employment, come' or vocation, carried on in the United States or elsewhere, or from any other source whatever, except as hereinafter mentioned, if such annual gains, profits, or income, exceed the sum of six hundred dollars, a duty of five per centum on the excess over six hundred dollars and not exceed- Rateing five thousand dollars; and a duty of seven and one half of one per centum per annum on the excess over five thousand dollars and not cxceeding ten thousand dollars; and a duty of ten per centum on the excess over ten thousand dollars. And the duty herein provided for shall be assessed, collected, and paid upon the gains, profits, or income for the When assessed year ending the thirty-Erst day of December next, preceding the time for and payabm levying, collecting, and paying said duty: Provided, That income de- I"°ViS<>S· rived from interest upon notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, shall be included in estimating incomes under this section: Provided, That only one deduction of six hundred dollars shall be made from D€<l¤°*¤i°¤$· the aggregate incomes of all the members of any family composed of parents and minor children, or husband and wife, except in cases where such separate income shall be derived from the separate and individual estate, Proms and gains,.or labor of the wife or child: And provided, farther, That net ;';$°;s;),;;a1°S °f profits realized by sales of real estate purchased within the year for which income is estimated, shall be chargeable as income ; and losses on sales of real estate purchased within the year, for which income is estimated, shall be deducted from the income of such year. Sec. 117. And be it further enacted, That in estimating the annual Taxes to be gains, prodts, or income of any person, all national, state, and municipal d"d“°“d· taxes, other than the national income tax, lawfully assessed within the [Amended,Posz, year upon the property or sources of income of any person, as aforesaid, P· 4793 from which said annual gains, prohts, or income is or should be derived, shall be deducted, in addition to six hundred dollars, from the gains, profits, or income of the person who has actually paid the same, whether owner, tenant, or mortgagor; also the salary or pay received for services in the civil, military, naval, or other service of the United States, including senators, representatives, and delegates in congress, above the rate of six hundred dollars per annum; and there shall also be deducted the Dividends on income derived from dividends on shares in the capital stock of any bank, gifready trust company, savingsjnstitution, insurance, railroad, canal, turnpike, ` canal navigation, or slack-water company, and the interest on any bonds or other evidences of indebtedness of any such corporation or company, which shall have been assessed and the tax paid, as hereinafter provided; also the amount paid by any person for the rent of the homestead used or occupied by himself or his family, and the rental value of anyhomestead used or occupied by any person, or by his family, in his own right or in the right of his wife, shall not be included and assessed as part of the income of such person. In estimating the annual gains, profits, or A¤¤¤?lg¤i¤¤» income of any person, the interest over and above the amount of interest h°w °S°’mmd' paid upon all notes, bonds, and mortgages, or other forms of indebtedness, 24*