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TREATY WITII THE CEIOCTAWS AND CHICKASAWS. APRIL 28, 1866. 781 mencement of the rebellion, and claim to have sustained large losses on citizens of the account of said rebellion, by the use of their property by said nation, and ,lg;"5;ilD;”:;°° that large sums of money are due them for goods and property taken, or g ` sold to the members of said nation, and money advanced to said nation; and whereas other loyal citizens of the United States may have just claims of the same character: It is hereby agreed and stipulated that the President of the United States shall, within three months from the ratification of this treaty, appoint a commission, to consist of one or more discreet persons, to investigate said claims, and fully examine the same; and such sum or sums of money as shall by the report of said commis- 1’§;’;f"d";§;°' sion, approved by the Secretary of the Interior, be found due to such ’p` ` persons, not exceeding ninety thousand dollars, shall be paid by the United States to the persons entitled thereto, out of any money belonging to said nation in the possession of the United States : Provided, That no claim for goods or property of any kind shall be allowed or paid, in whole or part, which shall have been used by said nation or any member there- _ of in aid of the rebellion, with the consent of said claimants: Provided Pr°m°°' also, That if the aggregate of said claims thus allowed and approved shall exceed said sum of ninety tliousanddollars, then that sum shall be applied pro rata in payment of the claims so allowed. Anr[ror.1~:] LI. It is fhrther agreed that all treaties and parts of t I¤t°¤¤¤i¤*P*}° treaties inconsistent herewith be, and the same are hereby, declared null d`:Q,K,g5°;Q[ii?°° and void. In testimony whereof, the said Dennis N. Cooley, Elijah Sells, and E. S. Parker, commissioners in behalf of the United States, and the said commissioners on behalf of the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. D. N. COOLEY, Com’r Ind. Afrs, [scan. ELIJA H SELLS, Sup? Ind Af, [sion,. E. S. PARKER, Sp!. Com’r, snr,. Commissioners for U S. ALFRED WADE, snr.,] ALLEN WRIGHT, snr,. JAMES RILEY, scar.,} JOHN PAGE, scar,.] Choctaw Commissioners. WINCHESTER COLBERT, [san.] his EDMUND x kPICKENS, [SEAL.] Xl7H]` HOLMES COLBERT, [scar,.] COLBERT CARTER, sun,.] ROBERT H. LOVE, [sum,.] Chickasaw Commissioners. CAMPBELL LEFLORE, Secretary of Choctaw Delegation. E. S. MITCHELL, Sec[re]tary of Chickasaw Dclega. In presence of- Jno. H. B. Lunons, P. P. PITCIILYNN, Principal Chz'ey" C/zoclaws. Douotns H. Coornn, J. Hannan, Cmantrzs E. Mix. And whereas, the said treaty having been submitted to the Senate of _Ratincatto¤ the United States for its constitutional action thereon, the Senate did on ;"l£l‘,:m°”d'