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TREATY WITH THE CREEK INDIANS. JUNE 14, 1866. 789 superintendent of Indian affairs, who for that purpose is hereby authorized to designate and appoint competent persons, whose compensation shall be fixed by the Secretary of the Interior and paid by the United States. Second. The first general council shall consist of one member from Fmt mq each tribe, and an additional member For each one thousand Indians, or ¤¤¤¤¤i1.g1:¤w each fraction of a thousand greater- than five hundred, being members of °°mP°°°d' any tribe lawfully resident in said territory, and sh_all be selected by said tribes respectively, who may assent to the `establishment of said general council, and if none should be thus formally selected by any nation or tribe, the said nation or tribe shall be represented in said general council by the chief or chiefs and headmen of said tribe, to be taken in the order of their rank as recognized in tribal usage, in the same number and proportion as above indicated. After the said census shall have been taken and completed, the superintendent of Indian affairs shall publish and declare to each tribe the number of members of said council to which they shall be entitled under the provisions of this article, and the persons entitled to so represent said tribes shall meet at such time and place as he Time and_ shall appoint, but thereafter the time and place of the sessions of said Pl“‘°°°f“°°°l’“’$• council shall be determined by its action: Provided, That no session in Sessionsnottc any one year shall exceed the term of thirty days, and provided that °*°°°d 80 d°‘7“‘ special sessions of said council may be called whenever, in the judgment _ Specialsesof the Secretary of the Interior, the interest of said tribe shall require. . "°“" Third. Said general council shall have power to legislate upon all right- Powersofgonful subjects and matters pertaining to the intercourse and relations of the °“l °°““°’l‘ Indian tribes and nations resident in said territory, the arrest and extradition oferiminals and offenders escaping from one tribe to another, the administration of justice between members of the several tribes of said territory, and persons other than Indians and members of said tribes or nations, the construction of works of internal improvement, and the common defence and safety of the nations of said territory. All laws enacted by said general council shall take effect at such time as may therein be provided, unless suspended by direction of the Secretary of the Interior or the President of the United States. No law shall be enacted inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, or the laws of Congress, or existing treaty stipulations with the United States, nor shall said council legislate upon matters pertaining to the organization, laws, or customs of the several tribes, except as herein provided for. _ Fourth. Said council shall be presided over by the superintendent of 0yg‘g°l’;¤!:;"“ Indian ntfairs, or, in case of his absence from any cause, the duties of said ` superintendent enumerated in this article shall be performed by such person as the Secretary of the Interior may direct. Fifth. The Secretary of the Interior shall appoint a secretary of said S¤¢=$¢¤¤y¤f council, whose duty it shall be to keep an accurate record of all the pro- °°""°u’ ceediugs of said council, and who shall transmit u. true copy of all such proceedings, duly certified by the superintendent of Indian affairs, to the Secretary of the Interior immediately after the sessions of said council shall terminate. He shall be paid out of the treasury of the United PW- States an annually salary of five hundred dollars. Sixth. 'l.`he members of said council shall be paid by the United States b Fw °f ¤¤°¤¤· the sum of tbur dollars per diem during the time actually in attendance m' on the sessions of said council, and at the rate of four dollars for every twenty miles necessar[il]y travelled by them in going to and returning to their homes, respectively, from said council, to be certified by the secretary of suid council and the superintendent of Indian alfairs. Seventh. The Creeks also agree that a court or courts may be estab- c<>¤Y¤· lished in said territory, with such jurisdiction and organized in such manner as Congress may by law provide. _ ARTICLE XI. The stipulations of this treaty are to be a full settle- b°'£ht}:lf's:::f*w ¤1€¤t of all claims of said Creek nation for damages and losses of every ,,;;,5,; of uu C Elm!.