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TREATY WITH THE CHEROKEE INDIANS. J ULY 19, 1866. 805 whole of said neutral lands in a body to any responsible party, for cash, Amendment. for a sum not less than eight hundred thousand dollars. P°”» P- S"- AR'l`lCLE XVIII. That any lands owned by the Cherokees in the State of Arkansas and in States east of the Mississippi may be sold by the Cher- kS"l‘”f’lY %“°F’ okee nation in such manner as their national council may prescribe, all iiarireringnsim S m such sales being first approved by the Secretary of the Interior. Anxious XIX. All Cherokees being heads of families residing at the __Heads of fandate of the ratification of this treaty on any of the lands herein ceded, or ‘l‘°°‘ authorized to be sold, and desiring to remove to the reserved country, shall be paid by the purchasers of said lands the value of such improvements, to be ascertained and appraised by the commissioners who appraise the lands, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior; and if he shall elect to remain on the land now occupied by him, shall be entitled to receive a patent from the United States in fee simple for three hundred and twenty acres of land to include his improvements, and thereupon he and his tamily shall cease to be members of the nation. Aimcnn XX. Whenever the Cherokee national council shall request Lrmds reserved it, the Secretary of the Interior shall cause the country reserved for the ;‘;u§"m;‘;Q;’ff'°d Cherokees to be surveyed and allotted among them, at the expense of the i United States. . Aarronn XXI. It being dillicult to learn the precise boundary line be- B<>¤¤d¤l‘>' lim tween the Cherokee country and the States of Arkansas, Missouri, and Quiaés? and Kansas, it is agreed that the United States shall, at its own expense, cause the same to be run as far west as the Arkansas, and marked by permanent and conspicuous monuments, by two commissioners, one of whom shall be designated by the Cherokee national council. Anrienn XXII. The Cherokee national council., or any duly appointed Agent of delegation thereof, shall have the privilege to appoint an agent to examine Ch‘?"°k°°$ *0 °¤· the accounts of the nation with the government of the United States at gg:,`;; §;,(j°°m°’ such time as they may see proper, and to continue or discharge such agent, and to appoint another, as may be thought best by such council or delegation ; and such agent shall have free access to all accounts and books in the executive departments relating to the business of said Cherokee nation, and an opportunity to examine the same in the presence of the officer having such books and papers in charge. Anricnn XXIII. All funds now due the nation, or that may hereafter Ifunds, how to accrue from the sale of their lands by the United States as hereinbefore b° "“’°”°d· provided tbr, shall be invested in United States registered stocks at their current value, and the interest on all said funds shall be paid semi-annu- Interest, how ally on the order of the Cherokee nation, and shall be applied to the fol- *0 b° P*“d· lowing purposes, to wit: Thirty-five per cent shall be applied for the support of the common schools of the nation and educational purposes ; fifteen per cent for the orphan fund, and fifty per cent for general purposes, including reasonable salaries of district officers; and the Secretary of the Interior, with the approval of the President of the United States, may pay out of the funds due the nation, on the order of the national council or a delegation duly authorized by it, such amount as he may deem necessary to meet outstanding obligations of the Cherokee nation, caused by the suspension of the payment of their annuities, not to exceed the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Anrronn XXIV. As a slight testimony for the useful and arduous Pagmentto services of the Rev. Evan Jones, for forty years a missionary in the R""‘b"““J°“”‘ Cherokee nation, now a cripple, old and poor, it is agreed that the sum of three thousand dollars be paid to him, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, out of any Cherokee fund in or to come into his hands not otherwise appropriated. ARTICLE XXV. A large number of the Cherokees who served in the _ army of the United States having died, leaving no heirs entitled to receive mE;g;$,f:S:;€i_ liounties and arrears of pay on account of such service, It is agreed that ,,85 ,,5 Indian