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60 THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 114. 1866. be forwarded, at the request of the party addressed, from one post office Dead 1¤ft¤r¤ to another without additional postage charge; and returned dead letters shall be restored to the writers thereof free of postage. · Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the tenth SBCEIOD of the act Lmers *° b? entitled "An act to establish salaries for postmasters, and for other pur-

?fi,;:tw¤` pose ," approved July one, eighteen hundred and sixty-four; and so much

charm- of the twenty-eighth section of the act entitled An act to amend the %g$*§g;7gjggg‘ laws relating to the Post Office Department," approved March three, 1864,ch.197,§l0. eighteen hundred and sixty-three, as requiresdgostage pq be charged ag V°l- xm- P- 887- the re aid rate to be collected on the return e xvery 0 etters m orse withpa gequest fdr their return to the writers, be, and the same ai·e hereby, repealed; and all letters bearing such indorsement shallghherenfter be returned to the writers thereof without additional postage arrre. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the third section df the act en-

M°¤°Y °*‘d°¥'¤ titled "An act to establish a postal ·money-order system," approved May

1%Q2°;Qv§}$5g: seventeen, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, be, and the same is hereby, Vol: xiii. pi ic. amended so as to authorize the issuing of a money-order for any sum not Charges. to exceed fifty dollars, and that the charge or fee for an order for a sum not exceeding twenty dollars shall be ten cents; for an order exceeding twenty dollars shall be twenty-five cents. Money order Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That a m0ney—order shall be valid 8°°d *`°' °°° and payable when presented to the deputy postmaster on whom it is drawn W"' within one year after its date, but for no longer period; and in case ot D“1%if“*°i¤ the loss of a money-order a duplicate thereof shall be issued without °"°° m' charge, on the application of the remitter or payee, who shall make the required proofs; and postmasters at all money-order offices are hereby Oath. authorized and required to administer to the applicant or applicants in such cases the required oath or affirmation free of charge. liniimuds qnr- S20. 5. And be it further enacted, That all railroad dompanies carrying [g"Q§u%‘:y";fQ:’b the mails of the United States shall convey without extra charge, by any ed matter, &c., train which they may run over their roads, all such printed matter as the

  • 2**1***** °¤¤`* Postmaster-General shall, from time to time, direct to be transported

° ”g°‘ thereon with the persons in charge of the mails designated by the Post Otiice Department for that purpose. WMI, gw Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, 'l`hat if any person or persons shall gnjm-y;Jmati wilfully and maliciously 1ll_]\ll'(d, deface, or destroy anymailable matter mW6P d¤P•>¤¤¤¢d deposited in any letter-box, pillar-box, or other receiving boxes estab- Qgciiugraifllig to lished by authority of the Postmaster-General of the United States for inplure, howpun- the safe deposit of matter for the mails or for delivery, or shall wilfully `” °"· aid and assist in injuring such mailable matter so deposited as aforesaid, every such offender being thereof duly convicted shall for every such offence, be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or bb imprisoned not more than three years at the discretion of the court. GPo¤npastcr- Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That whenever it shall become ex- °"?"”* m“Y pedient, in the opinion of the Postmaster-General to substitute a different n . . . Egihgzgatgsntract kmd of postage stamps for those now in use, he ,shall be, and IS hereby, ¤*·¤mP¤, i ,&¤· authorized to modify the existing contract for the manufacture of postage stamps so as to allow to the contractors a sum sufficient to cover the in creased expenses, if any, of manufacturing the stamps so substituted. gudjusrmcug Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That section two of the act entitled of inlarips of “An act to establish salaries for postmasters, and for other purposes," §°§g4‘:’:{,°jQS.j’§ 2_ approved July one, eighteen hundred and sixty~four, be amended by add- Vol. xiii. p. 336. mg the following: Provided, That when the quarterly returns of any postmaster of the third, fourth or fifth class show that the salary allowed is ten per centum less than it would be on the basis of commissions under the act of eighteen hundred and dfty-four, fixing compensation, then the Postmaster-General shall review and readjust under the provisions of said section. Src. 9. And be it further enacted, That whenever the Postmaster·Gener E l it