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THIRTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 115. 1866. 61 al shall require special agents of the Post Office Department to collect hgi>:<>i;: gg: or disburse the public moneys accruing from postages, such special agent bumfg agent, or agents, when so employed, shall, prior to entering upon such duty, give to giye bond. bond in such sum, in such form, and with such security, as the Postmaster-General may approve. Approved, June 12, 1866. CHAP. CXV. — An Ad making Appropriations for the Construction, Preservation, and June 12, 1868. Repairs of certain Fortyications and other Wwks <y` Defence, for the Year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not Ap,,,,, ,,,,,,0,,, otherwise appropriated, for the construction, preservation, and repairs of for fortidcatious. certain fortifications and other works of defence for the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven: For Fort Wayne, near Detroit, Michigan, fifty thousand dollars. Fort Wayne. For Fort Ontario, Oswego, New York, fifty thousand dollars. Fort Ontario. For Fort Montgomery, at outlet of Lake Champlain, New York, fifty Fort Moutthousand dollars. $°m*“`Y‘ For Fort Scammel, Portland, Maine, thirty-five thousand dollars. Fort Scammel. For Fort George, on Hog Island ledge, Portland, Maine, dfty thousand Fort G<-><>rg¢- dollars. For Fort Popham, Kenneboc river, Maine, fifty thousand dollars. Fm ropimm, For Fort Constitution, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, seventy-five _ Fort Constituthousand dollars. t‘°“· _ For Fort 1'Vinthrop, Boston, Massachusetts, thirty thousand dollars. th;°"t wm` For Fort 1Varren, Boston. Massachusetts, twenty-five thousand dollars. Fg,:; warms, For sea-wall at Great Brewster’s island, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, GS°¤·é’¤U M seventy-five thousand dollars. ,6:3:: ml"` For sea-walls on Deer and Lovell’s islands, Boston harbor, Massachu- on Deer and setts, fifty thousand dollars. L°"°u`s l°l““d’· For fort at entrance of New Bedford harbor, Massachusetts, thirty tml;?; att yew thousand dollars. ° * ° For Fort Schuyler, East river, New York, thirty thousand dollars. Biildffhoiizlhgii For fort at Willett’s Point, opposite Fort Schuyler, New York, fifty Fort at Wilthousand dollars. WS P<>¤¤t· For repairs of Fort Hamilton, New York, thirty thousand dollars. Foi·tHamiltou. For fort on site of Fort Tompkins, Staten Island, New York, dfty FmT0mpk;,,,_ thousand dollars. For fort at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, fifty thousand dollars. Fort at Sandy For repairs of Fort Mifflin, near Philadelphia, twenty-five thousand H°I§’;t mmm dollars. ` For construction of permanent platforms for modern cannon of large Platforms for calibre, in existing fortifications of important harbors, one hundred thou- m°d°“‘ °°“?‘°“ Sand dollars. of large calibre. For repairs of Fort Washington, on the Potomac river, twenty thou- Fort Washing. sand dollars. *°“· For Fort Monroe, Hampton Roads, Virginia, thirty thousand dollars. Fort Monroe. For Fort Taylor, Key West, Florida, one hundred thousand dollars. Fort Taylor. For Fort J eiferson, Garden Key, Tortugas, fifty thousand dollars. FortJett'¤rso¤. For fort on Ship island, coast of Mississippi, ten thousand dollars. N§°5” °“ Ship For Fort Clinch, Amelia island, Florida, fifty thousand dollars.Fgri Clinch_ For fort at Fort Point, San Francisco bay, California, one hundred and Fort at Fort twenty-five thousand dollars. POM? For fort at Lime Point, California, seventy-five thousand dollars. at Lime Point For fort at Alcatraz island, San Francisco bay, California, ninety at Alcatraz thousand dollars. l¤l¤¤d·