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THIRTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 116. 1866. 63 Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That a copy of every petition which United States shall be filed under this act, and a copy of the writ or process thereto at- sfsxgpsfagg tached, shall be delivered to the district attorney of the United States for of petition and said eastern district of Missouri, by the United States marshal for said pj0g35S ¤h¤Y¤°¤ district, which said delivery shall make the United States a party to the ’ °‘ cause specified in such petition, without any other or further proceedings, notice, service, writ or process whatever; and said district attorney shall make such defence therein for the United States as in his opinion the · D°f°?°:é3;¤• public interest may require; but no answer or other pleadings filed by °w°l’p° i g°' said attorney in such cause shall be required to be verified by oath or affirmation. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That for the purpose of more com- t €:¤'x;zl¤» 8;% pletely describing, identifying, and detining the boundaries, situation, and 1;,,,,8 80,,;,,2,0 locality of any lot, tract, piece or parcel of land sought to be released, be released, at_ granted, relinquished and conveyed under this act, the said district court :;g;;"° °f Pm' shall have power to cause an accurate survey, plat, and description there- ' of to be made by a competent person at the expense of the petitioner; and all of the expenses and costs of all suits and other proceedings under Costs of suits, this act shall be paid by the respective petitioners, and the payment thereof' may be enforced by execution or otherwise. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That every decree which shall be FEM of *i*•- rendered under this act in favor of any petitioner shall be deemed a full, °r°°' sufficient, and complete release, grant, relinquishment, and conveyance, in fee simple and in full property, to such petitioner, and to his or her heirs and assigns, forever, of all the right, title, and interest of the United States in and to the land described in such decree. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That whenever said district court or Transcript of the circuit court shall render a final decree under this act, concerning any §;'gl€‘;i%i“€6&°·· lot, tract, piece or parcel of land, such court shall cause to be transmitted commissions; gf to the commissioner of the general land olhce a full, true, and complete 8°¤°mU¤¤d transcript of said final decree, and of the description or survey of said land. °m°°' Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That any party to any final decree Appeal to_cirrendered by said district court in any suit or cause commenced under this f:fu;°‘};;;"‘°h' act may appeal from said final decree of said district court to the circuit y ` court of the United States for the district of Missouri, at any time within one year from the time of the rendition of said final decree, and not after that time; and on the granting of said appeal, a full, true, and complete transcript of said final decree, and of the petition, and all other pleadings TF€*¤S<=TiP¤ vf and proceedings in said cause, and of the evidence therein, shall be trans- p8tm°"’ &°' mitted to said circuit court. And when said appeal shall have been completed, said circuit court shall have full and complete jurisdiction over _J¤€i$dl°'¢l°¤ ¤f said cause, and may allow the pleadings to be amended if necessary, and °“X`:;:g;’:Lu_ may admit new parties if necessary, and shall hear, try, and determine New parties. said cause de novo, without regarding any error, defect, or other imperfection in the proceedings of said district court, and shall render such final decree therein as the facts and the justice of said cause may require. Decree- Sizo. 8. And be it jurther enacted, That in case of any difference of Q*¤¤§U°¤ ¥¤¤Y opinion between the judges of the said circuit court upon any question gspigfggiigt arising in any such cause, the same may be certified to the supreme court of the United of the United States, for its decision thereon as in other cases. Sm*“"’h°”¤&°· Sec. 9. And be it further enarted, That all of the right, title, and in- Yljifle of fh¢_ terest of the United States in and to all of the wharves, streets, lanes, av- kjffgfgsgitiién enues, alleys, and other public thoroughfares which are situate, lying, and &c., in Si. Louis; being within the corporate limits of the city of St. Louis, in the State of $€{“V°5'°d *° *1** Missouri, shall be, and the same are hereby, granted, relinquished, and Wy` conveyed by the United States, in fee simple and in full property, to the said city of St. Louis, and to the successors and assigns forever of said city: Provided, however, That no individual rights or titles acquired pre- P¤‘°Vl¤°· viously hereto shall be in any manner impaired or prejudiced hereby. APPROVED, June 12, 1866.