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64 THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 117, 122. 1866. J 12, mc. cHA1>. cxvu.-A A zz c me Ri hz ry Way to the *· Humbohlt Canal compa if-- ,.y»»'21rfug£1%L"i¤t»11crZ1.d11y~11» umd sm. Right of way Be it cnacled by the Senate cmd I£m.s¢ of Representatives of the Mailed g‘;‘£8;£;gg°w States of America in Congress assembled, That the rxgbt of way for a H bold', C, 1 canal through the public lands of the United States lying in Humboldt Cg¤;lP¤¤Y- M county, State of Nevada, and the use of the land for tow·paths, cuttings, and embankments, to the extent of ilfty feet on each side of the center of the canal, shall be, and is hereby, granted to the Humboldt Canal Com- Proviso- pany: Provided, That in cases where deep excavation or heavy embgmk ment is required, such greater width, not exceeding two hundred feet, may be taken by said company as may be necessary. German public Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, in order to create a reservoir 1;:;: mY3am for said company sufficient to feed said canal in all seasons, said company ,,,-,,m,,,,;,_ shall be, and is hereby, authorized, by a dam across the Humboldt river, at such point at or near the gap in the Fremont range of mountains through which said river passes, to How so much of the public lands above said dam as may be required for the purpose of said reservoir. Stgm *`°fJ'i¤t¤· Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That there shall be, and is hereby, §:P:,js:"&cf’ °°" granted to said company the necessary sites_ along said canal for wastegates, m1ll-s1tes, depots, and other uses of said canal, so far as places COl1· venient for the same fall upon the public lands, and also the privilege of discharging the waste waters of said canal over any public lands into the _ said Humboldt river, at such places as may be suitable for that purpose: P'°“¤°· Provided, That thehprooer ogilce-irs of said company shall transmit to the _P1an ¤1‘.oca» commissioner of the gener aud office a correct plat of the survey

"$•:"g°;‘;g’1 and location of said canal, and of the sites needed for mills, depots, waste-

1,;,,4 cmu, gates, and other uses of said canal, before the appropriation thereof for _ said uses sliall become operative: And provided further, That unless thirty Th1¤&g¤¤¤t¤> miles of said canal shall be excavated within one year, [and] the whole f:::°&°_°'*"°' within three years, from the date hereof; the grants hereby made shall cease. and determine: And provided further, That if said canal shall at any time after its completion be discontinued or abandoned by said company, the grants hereby made shall cease and determine, and the lands hereby granted shall revert to the United States: And provided further, hmxxaggé That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to interfere with any

,,m,,']g,.,,§t,,t° grant pif the right of way and of publ1c lands heretofore made to any

my m ma - rm roa company. °°mP““Y‘ APPROVED, June 12, 1866. .¤¤»· M- °“·“’· °m ::.;;;*:2 s$1:1z€é@;;az;;:,?;;‘!; ~‘£>zG;(§ez;:# W' W MM *·· 68. Disbursing Ba it enacted ky the Senate and Ifmse of Representatives o the United &¤;°f;fi:°I£§§?S` States of America in Congress assembled, That from and aftef the passage eys with me of this act it shall be the duty of every disbursing officer of the United gzggugggiggnt States having any public money intrusted to him for disbursement, to demw,_m, posit the same with the treasurer or some one of the assistant treasurers ast; gfugrvgd only of the United States, and to drawlfor the same only as it may be required Tmnsméw for payments to be made by ·him m pursuance of law; and all transfers baby dmtt. from the treasury of the United States to a disbursing officer shall be by D t h draft or warrant on the treasury or an assistant treasurer of the United to :é":Ljg“9'° gtatesz Prpvggeziplhas placesxwléere there is no treasurer nor assistant thug g, ,,0 Pm_ rcnsurer o e mte 1 tates, the ecretary of the Treasury may when

1EY or assist- he deems 1t essential to tne public interest, specially authorize in wlrriting

the tlcposnt of ·sucl1 publxc money i11 any other public depository, or, in wntmg, autl1or1ze the same to be kept 111 any other manner, and under such. rules and regulations as he may deem most safe and effectual to facilitate the payments to public creditors. Sec. 2. And be etfurther enacted, That if any disbursing officcr of the