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FOR'I`Y——SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. 203 and removals shall be notified to the auditor for the Post·ofiice Department. Sec. (34. That every postmaster shall reside within the delivery of the P*>S¤¤¤#*¤f¤ *0 office to which he is appointed. r°Sld"‘*'l”"€· Sec. 65. That every postmaster, before entering upon the duties of his B<>¤¤Stofficc, shall give bond, with good and approved security, and in such nlm"; penalty as the Postmaster-General shall deem sufficient, conditioned for the faithful discharge of all duties and trusts imposed on him either by law or the rules and regulations of the department; and where an office conditionsy shall be designated as a money-order office, the bond of the postmaster 1 shall contain an additional condition for the faithful performance of all duties and obligations in connection with the money-order business. On when ,0 be do the death, resignation, or removal of a postmaster, his bond shall be de- nv-ered to audilivered to' the auditor for the Post-office Department. The bond of any t" . 1 married woman who may be appointed postmaster shall be binding upon wgoéliagggliotod her and her sureties, and she shall be liable for misconduct in office as pvstnwsterif she were sole. Sec. 66. That when any of the sureties of a postmaster shall notify New bond ma the Postmaster-General of their desire to be released from their surety- he required. y ship, or when the Postmaster-General deems a new bond necessary, he shall require the postmaster to execute such new bond, with security, which, when accepted by the Postmaster-General, shall be as valid as the bond given upon the original appointment of such postmaster, andthe So,ot,o,,m sureties in the prior bond shall be released from responsibility for all i>¤‘i<>rb<>¤<iwiwn acts or defaults of such postmaster which may be done or committed sub- sequent to the last day of the quarter i11 which such new bond shall be P y` executed and accepted. Sec. 67. That if on the settlement of the account of any postmaster Sorotioson it shall appear_ that he is indebted to the United States, and suit there- bopdjclpnscd if for shall not be instituted within three years after the close of such fl‘;;';"I;l‘l“l""‘l‘ account, the sureties on his bond shall not be liable for such indebted- greught within, ness; '°· Sec. 68. That every postmaster shall keep an office in which one or Pvstrynsterfo more persons shall- be on duty during such hours of each day as the Post- an °m°°* master-General may direct, for the purpose of receiving, delivering, making up, and forwarding all mail-matter received thereat. Sec. 69. That all letters brought to any postroffice half an hour before Letters ti-ought the time for the departure of the mail shall be forwarded therein; but at E;’,};’f°g’g;"gr_ oliices where, in the opinion of the Postmaster-General, more time for wud0d_ making up the mail is required, he may prescribe accordingly, not exceeding one hour. Sec. 70. That the Postmaster—General shall furnish to the postrnasters _ Sehejiineor at the termination of each route a schedule of the time of arrival and glf5°l{’;7f;;L‘;°;l0t_ departure of the mail at their offices, respectively, to be posted in a con- maj] {Olly; posted spicuous place in the office; and the Postmaster-General shall also give in OHM- the postmaster notice of any change in the arrival and departure that may be ordered; and he shall cause to be kept and returned to the depart- _R<¢gisters of ment, at short and regular intervals, registers, showing the exact times of M" °° be the arrivals and departures of the mail. Sec. 71. That every postmaster shall keep a record, in such form as Record to be the Postmaster-General shall direct, of all postage-stamps and envelopes ljgB;;"r;§;t"l’§» . . , pts, and of all postal books, blanks, and property received from his predeces- glo; sor, or from the department or any of its agents; and also of all receipts in money for postages and box-rents, and of all other receipts on account of the postal service, and of any other transactions which may be re- whe Subjectto quired by the Postmaster-General; and these records shall be preserved cW,m,mo,,_m,d and delivered to his successor, and shall be at all times subject to exami- <l=‘f¤\’¢‘¤"¢d *0 Sucnation by any special agent of the department. °°°S°r' Sec. 72. That each postmaster shall render to the Postmaster-Gem Qomowoo.