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360 Trrcrz xxvm.—INDIANS.—Ch. 1. vouchers and accounts by the executive committee of said board shall not be a prerequisite of payment. _ _ _ Appointment of Sec. 2043. There shall be appointed by_the President, bv and with the Indian inspectors; advice and consent of the Senate, a sufficient number of Indian inspect-

  • °"“ °f ° "°· ors, not exceeding five in number, to rlperform the duties required of such

,4 Fw, 18,-3 c_ inspectors by the provisions of this itle. Each inspector shall hold his 13g,s_5,v_]7_p_42;3, office for four years, unless sooner removed by the resident. 3 Mar., 1875, c. 132, r. 18, p. 422. Salary and cx- Sec. 2044. Each inspector shall receive an annual salary of three thou- @fjg____ g_ sand dollars and his necessary traveling exppnses, not exceeding ten Ibid. cents a mile for actual travel while in the disc arge of his duty, a statement of which expenses as to each inspector shall accompany the annual report of the Secretary of the Interior. _ Powers and dn- Sec. 2045. Each Indian superintendency and agency shall be visited @8 of l¤¤P€°V>F¤· and examined as often as twice a year by one or more of the inspectors. Ibid. T Such examination shall extend to a full investigation of all matters per- 3 Mm-., 1875, c. taining to the business of the superintendency or agency, including an ]32»&,l»4‘295· "· 18- examination of accounts, the manner of ex nding money, the number of pp' ’Indians rovided for, contracts of all kindgc connected with the business, the condition of the Indians, their advancement in civilization, the extent of the reservations, and what use is made of the lands set apart for that purpose, and, generally, all matters pertaining to the Indian service. `or the purpose of making( such investigations, each inspector shall have power to examine all boo s, papers, and vouchers, to administer oaths, and to examine on oath all omcers and persons employed in the superintendency or agency, and all such other ersons as he mav deem necessary or proper. he inspectors, or any of tgiem, shall have power to suspend any superintendent or agent or employe, and to designate some person in his place temporarily, subject to the approval of the President, making immediate report of such suspension and designation; and upon the conclusion of enc examination a report shall be forwarded to the Presidentlwitheut élelacy lThclirEpectors, in the discharge of their duties, joint an in ivi ual , s 1a have ower b ro r le l roce din whichyit shall be the dyiity of the digtrict attdrheypdf tlig;Ll}i1ited€Sta!¢fIe?ri for the appropriate district duly to effectuate to enforce the laws and to prevent the violation of law in the administration of affairs ini the several agencies and superintendencies. So far as racticable. the examinations of the agencies and superintendencies shall) be made alternately by different inspectors, so that the same agency or superintendency néay not be examined twice in succession by the same inspector or ms c rs. S,,pmnmndmu_ Siic. 2046. The President is authorized` to appoint, from time to time appointment, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate the following superz ¤@<*j_i____ intendents of Indian affairs, who shall be entitled to receive the salaries 165 J;ne,918504h;_ m?ll"ltl0D0d below:d ,s. ,v. ,p. . wo superinten ents for the tribes east of the o 'i · M2; E°5·b185}shg· salary of two thousand dollars a year, each. R cky Mmmml lb. at a Q, Min', jgé-], cj One superintendent for Oregon, at a salary of two thousand five hun- 90,s.3bv.11,p.185. dred dollars a year. B. 33¤i)§8€;§g;>, Suging‘sppelrrm:eé:;d§p&:p;·aFlka;1nrngmn Territory, at a salary of two thou- 48, ,,_ 1, _'] , _‘ f One su erintendent for the Territor i . n · l 14 Feb., :i8i‘)s,32. two thougmd dollars a rear. y of New Mex c0’ t R Sa ny of gg: ¤- 1, v- 17. p- huOp:€3upsmi;nlge:dpp;l.for California, at a salary of three thousand six theppnséxplemptgnélgvzgrfor the Territory of Arizona, at a salary of two ne su erintendent for the Territ a a . F theusunézliiyalggndre dollars a yearofy of Montana, t salary of two oursuperintend- Ec. . ter the thirtieth of Juna - zpmgealtizedi three, the offices of four of the superin(tei’1£}htt;0i;nli1lif1]¢i1rIii3t(i:d Tiibepigthm mm; ceding section are abolished; and any money appropriated for the sala-