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Tina xxvm.-—lNDIANS.—Ch. 1. 359 TITLE XXVIII. INDIANS. C H A P T E R O N E. OFFICERS OF INDIAN AFFAIRS: THIR DUTIES AKD COIPEI- SATION. see. ] Sec. 2039. Board of Indian commissioners2061. Limitation on visits to Waahin n 2040. Secretary to the commissioners. l by agents for Indians in mi- 2041. Duties of the commissioners. ‘ fomia. 2042. Power to investigate contracts. 2062. Officers of the Army may be required 2043. Appointment of Indian inspectors; to act as Indian agents. term of office. 2063. Compensation for extra services per- 2044. Salary and expenses. formed by agents and sub-agents. 2045. Powers and duties of inspectors. 2064. Acknowledgment of deeds, dzc., by 2046. Superintendents, appointment, and agents. salaries. _ 2065. Appointment of sub—Indian agents. 2047. Four superintendents abolished, as- 2066. Limits of superintendencies, agensignment, &c., of those retained. cies, and sub- ncies. 2048. Term of office. · 2067. Special agents aside commissioners. 2049. Bond. 2068. Interpreters to the agencies. 2050. Duties of superintendents. 2069. Preference to Indians for interpret- 2051. Temporary clerks for superintend- ers. ents. I 2070. Salaries of interpreters. 2052. Indian agents, appointments, sala- y 2071. Instruction of Indians. ries. ; 2072. When tribes may direct the employ- 2053. Services of certain agents and suppr- ment of blacksmiths, &c. intendents to be ispensed wit . 2073. Discontinuance of the omces of sub- 2054. Indian agents to report to Commis- agents, interpreters, dw. sioner in certain 08.RS. 2074. No person to hold two offices; leave 2055. Salary of Indian agents. o absence. 2056. Term of office. 2075. Additional security. 2057. Bond of Indian agenm. 2076. Compensation prescribed to be in 2058. Duties of Indian agents. ful . 2059. Discontinuanoe and transfer of 2077. Allowance for traveling expenses. agencies. 2078. Persons employed in ndian affairs 2060. Residence of Indian agents. not to trade with the Indians. Sec. 2039. There shall be a board of Indian commissioners, composed Boardpt Indian of not more than ten persons, applointed by the President solely, from <‘¤¤¤m1¤¤¤¤¤¤1‘¤· men cminent for intelligence and p ilanthropy, and wl10 shall serve with- " ,0 April 1869*; out pecumary compensation- _ 16, s. 4,v. I6, p, 15 July, 18:0, c. 296, s. 3, v. 16, p. 360. Sec. 2040. The board of commissioners men_tioned in the preceding Secretaryto the section shall have power to appoint one of the1r own nnmber as secre- °°m'm¤¤*°¤°*`¤· tary, who shall be entitled to such reasonable compensation as the board I5 July, 1870, c. may designate, payable from any moneys appropriated for the expenses 296. ¤· 3. v. 16, p. of the board. _ _ _ _ _ _ 3m' Sec. 20-ll. The board of commissioners mentioned in section two Iyutissoitbecomthousand and thirty-nine shall supervise all expenditures of money appro- ¤¤¤¤¤°¤°¤'¤· priated for the benefit of Indians Within the l11mi3S of the Uljlté Smiles; 15 July, 1870, c_ and shall inspect all goods purchased for Indians, in connection with the 296, s. 3, v. 16, p. Commissioner of In ian Affairs, whose duty it shall be to consult the J 18 commission in making purchases of such goods. 389, v_‘{gf··· °· 3 Mar., 1875, c. 132, aa. 6, 7, r. 18, p. 450. 15 Aug., 1876, c. 289, s. 6, v. Ig? p. 200. Sec. 2042. Any member of the board of Indian commissioners is empow- _ Power to invesered to investigate all contracts, expenditures, and accounts in connection **8**** °°¤*¤*°*¤· with the Indian service, and shall have access to all books and papers 29 May, 1872, c. relating thereto in any Government office; but the exammation of 233.¤-1.v·17,p.186. n—03-——28