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422 Tuu: xxxn.—THE PUBLIC LANDS.—Ch. 5. Nodistiuctionon Sec. 2302. No distinction shall be made in the construction or execuacpounggi race 0* tion of this chapter, on account of race or color; nor shall any mineral °° °r’ ‘ lands be liable to entry and settlement under its provisions. 21 June, 1866, c. 127, s. 1, v. 14, p. 67.——Morton r. Nebraska, 21 Wall., 660. b M W t lands dis- , 3. All the lic lands in the States of Ala ama, iasisszppi, £<>¤€db:g;d°¤lY as Argeamas, did Florida, shatl be disposed of in no other gnamner i°m$§°---—??,6——~ than accwdfng to the terms and stqmtatzmascontaznad cn theprecedmgpro- 12%, {11:,%, pj,?: visions of this chapter.] [That section two thousand three hundred and 4, july, 1d7G, e. three of the Revised Statutes of the United States, confining the disposal 165, v. 19, p- 73- of the public lands in the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana. mg z"?'; L82Q,? Arkansas, and Florida to the provisions of thehhomest? flewé bentand ,5,; sitio;} of the same1s hereby, repealed: lfmwded, That the repea_ o hsai scp ion landsmm cm,,,,, shall not have the effect to1m(pa1r the right, complete or inc oate, o any States. homestead settler, and no lan occupied by such settler at the time this act shall take effect, shall be subject to entry, ppc-emptnon or sale: And provided, That the public landlsl apfectcd by ti istact, shalll be offtpred pt ublic sale as soon as ractica e rom ime o ime, an aocor mg 0 the provisibns of egistigag law, and shall not be subject to private entry until the are so o ere . Soldiers' and Sec. 2g04. Every private soldier and officer who has seryed in the sailors'homeste¤d· Army of the Unitedgtafles dluringlthe (pacent rebelhpln, forlnépeply dpys, "TTT and who was honora isc argc , an as remame oya e ov- 33g, l?’vlélI7l' 5. ernment, including ttlhdy Lropips mustenéed into the servipelpfbthe Urged 333- States by virtue o e t ir section 0 an ac approve e ruary irteen eighteen hundred and sixt -two, and eve seaman, marine, and officer vgho has served in the N avly of the Unitedr5Statcs, or in the Marine Corps, durin the rebellion, for ninety days, and who was honorably discharged, anddias remained lolyal to the Government, shall on compliance with the provisions of this c apter, as hereinafter modided, be entitled to enter upon and receive patents for a quantity of public lands not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, or one quarter-section, to be taken in compact form, apcordinglto degal sub<pviisions,fincluding thedalterplate reserved sections 0 ub ic an sa on the ine 0 an rai roa oro er public work, not otlgerwise reservedgor appropriated and other lands subjleplt to enttiy under tlgelpczimesppad lpws of th¢€hUnged lStates; hlut suc omestea sett er s a a owe six mon s a er ocating is homestead, and Bling his declaratory statement, within which to make his entry and commence his settlement and improvement. Deduction of Sec. 2305. The time which the homestead settler has served in the military wd ¤3W¤l Army, Navy, or Marine Corps shall be deducted from the time heretofore °°"*°° f'°'“ “'“°· required to perfect title, or if discha ed on account of wounds received La? or disability incurred in the line ofrduty, then the term of enlistment 8 June. 187% <=~ shall be deducted from the time heretofore r uired to perfect title, witheg °· L "· "· l" out reference to the length of time he mayuhave served; but no patent ' shall issue to any homestead settler who has not resided upon, improved. and cultivated his homestead for a period of at least one year after he shall have commenced his improvements. Pergengd vyho Sec. 2EOG. Elveay (persgnf entitled, under gre provisions of setgzion have enter ¢¤¤ twenty-t ree un re an our, to enter a ometead who ma ave

,1*;; ::30 "°'"· heretofore entered, under the homestead laws, a quantity of ladd less

hiyé- than one hundred and sixty acres, shall be permitted to enter so much 338, ,,_ 2, ',._ 17: ,,_ land as, when added to the quantity previously entered, shall not exceed 333. one hundred and sixty acres. Widow and mi- Sec. 2307. In case of the death of any person who would be entitled ¤°;:b¤;2;?3g§P¤; to a homestead_ under the provisions o section twenty-three hundred flzmumdy &c_ and four, his W1d0W, if unmarried, or in case of her death or marriage,

— then his minor orphan children., by a guardian duly appointed and oili-

338, s_ 3, Q_ 17,* P; cially accredited at the Department of the Interior, shall be entitled to ug all the benefits enumerate in this chapter, subject to all the provisions as to settlement and improvements therein contained; but if such person died during his term of enlisment, the whole term of his enlistment shall be deduc from the time heretofore required to perfect the title.