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rms xxxn.-1*111; rustic LANDS.—Ch. 5. 423 Sec. 2308. Where a party at the date of his entry of a tract of land under A<=¤1¤l¤¢¤'vi¤¤i¤ the homestead laws, or subsequently thereto, was actually enlisted and °h°{"'j"Y€’;0N“"Y employed m the Army or Navy of the United States, his services therein S23? mm` shal, in the administration of such homestead laws, be construed to be i-; egnivalent, to all intents and purtiposes, to a residence for the same len th 338 s_u2e’,. 17’ o time upon the tract so entere . And if his entr has been canceded 333:` ’ ` by reason of his absence from such tract while in the military or naval service of the United States, and such tract has not been disposed of, his entry shall be restored; but if such tract has been disposed of, the party may enter another tract subject to entry under the homestead laws, and his right to a patent therefor mav be determined bv the proofs touching his residence and cultivation of the first tract and his absence therefrom in guch servicgé ld Ec. 2309. very so ier. sailor, marine, officer or other erson coming within the provisions of section twenty;three hiindred and) four, may, byqglechgay mm as well by an agent as in person, enter upon such homestead by tiling a declaratory statement, as in pre-emption cases; but such claimant in 338, e. 5,,v. 17,,p: person shall within the time prescribed make his actual entry, commence 334- settlements and improvements on the same, and thereafter fuliill all the reqnireuients of law. Sec. 2310. Each of the chiefs, warriors, and heads of families of the Chiefs. &·c·. of Stockbridge Munsee tribes of Indians, residing in the county c f Shawana, S"’°kb"’d€° Mum State of isconsin, may, under the direction of the Secretary of the :?§E’tS1:,°}m°"°°d Interior, enter a homestead and become entitled to all the benefits of ——·+— this chapter, free from any fee or char e; and any part of their present mg g'2"*vl§g5· °· reservation, which is abandoned for tgat purpose, may be sold, under 562: ’’ P' the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, and the proceeds a plied for the benefit of such Indians as may settle on homesteads, to aid) them in improving the same. Sec. 2311. The homestead secured, by virtue of the receding section, Exemption ot shall not be subject to any tax, levy, or sale; nor shall) it be sold, con- h0¤¤¢¤§¤¤d of veyed, mortgaged, or in any manner incumbered, except upon the decree §;e°§kb“dg° M““' of the district court of the United States, as provided) in the following jEj,§5—€ section. 127,s.4.v.’13,p.562: Sec. 2312. Whenever any of the chiefs, warriors, or heads of families Stockbridge of the tribes mentioned in section twenty-three hundred and ten, having M9¤¤¤¤¤b¤<><>mi¤s filed with the clerk of the district court of the United States a declara- w_ tion of his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and to 3 M¤r·.1865, c. dissolve all relations with any Indian tribe, two years previous thereto, gg? '· ‘*· "· mv P- appears in such court, and proves to the satisfaction thereof, by the tes- ' timony of two citizens, that for live years last past he has adopted the habits of civilized life; that he has maintained himself and family by his own industry; that he reads and speaks the English language that he is well disposed to become a peaceable and orderly citizen; and that he has sufficient capacity to manage his own affairs; the court may enter a decree admitting him to all the rights of a citizen of the United States, and thenccforth he shall be no longer held or treated as a member of any Indian tribe, but shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges, and be subject to all the duties and liabilities to taxation of, other citizens of the United States. But nothing herein contained shall be construed to deprive such chiefs, warriors, or heads of families of annuities to which they are or ma be entitled. Sec. 2313. the unoccupied lands in the reservation made for the Unsold lands of Ottawa and Chippewa Ind1ans, of Michigan, by the treaty of July thirty- 0***** $**6 One, eighteen hundred and fifty-tive, shall be open to omestead entry diasgggyvzpcngé for six months from the tenth day of June, eighteen hundred and go, h,§m,-,m,,d_ Seventy-two, by Indians only of those tribes, who ave not made se|ec· v{Oj,Hé··,872 E tions or urchases under the treaty, including such members of the 42,,, ,_ 2_ Q_ u,',,: tribes as have become of age since the expiration of the ten years named 381. in the treaty; and every Indian so entitled shall be permitted to make 3 Mw-.1875. c. his homestead entry, at the local land-office, within such six months, of 18g;,':,}18·P,€},?·c not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, or one quarter-section of 105_,,_1g°{’,,_55_’ ' minimum, or eighty acres of double minimum land, on making proper s·r——03——-32