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718 Trrmc xL.—THE PUBLIC MONEYS. ' . th d`sb in tlicer or nt b • whom such lost,

  • ‘lgI¤pllg::'cll'e§: de;l:·?>y2d4rbr isltolgdeorignbl ddlgckgvyas issued,ui2sB dead, or no longer in

l“’*“‘°’d is d°”'d’ the service of the Unitetgbtates, it shall be the duty of the proper account- " "`“'——`“ . “‘ r ll 7 Feb-, 1872, e ing officer, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasurv sha l2» E- 2» V- 17¤ P· prescribe, to state an account in favor of the olpner of szutghtznginal (heel; 29- . d to char e suc amoun e accoun 0 for the amount thereof. an g , Hi L . M,. ,nce, .,, 3‘i§,‘é?"N“(??7i»-am of ¤;M*¤,~¤;*·=>; sh?},' ",‘3..S,'t,‘£‘3,.£I.‘,.?‘"r$i= `·1“·$’§? ‘ ‘ ll . onracs or e . _ gggllgtegoneys :el:ri€e?bi· tdeildelilvgry (baiéatiitibleg of any description, for the use of the Y ·T¤¤·,1823i2§· United States, payment dsliall neat exceed Theuyaluefl péthlel s:l‘v;<;¤q}::l!;— 9, ¤· LV-3+1*-7 · . d f tb, f I s e ivere previous y suc _' en . . , —v'\K.;nsi·iIE, hbweve)15 (be laivlhrilriiiider the special direction of the President, to make 1:1110*;-, i90; Tl? such advances tof thehpiiibuming oH:i;c§rs of the gtggpyppisenptaparpzygelge °Y °"°p f e·essar·to the ait u an promp isc argeo .,1 , {§'°§S’ZV`g::i,}},€“§ alud to the fulfillment of the public engagements, The Eiiesident may Cnrtl d17. i also direct such advancesi as he {nay deem necpssa(1iv aml1p;pnppréttlo,ipp]i· ’th il'ta an nava service cmp oye on _ s n _ ¤» jglildrdrihe disylihaiigg of the pay and emoluments to which they may be entitled cannot be regularly effected. {Sees1Q6M h _ d m- Examination of Sec. 364%; Thedbetpetgpy ptfézpe IS :3:11 3:;; Otplolpppse gpzhc depositedés- inations to e ma e o e s, cou , a __ ,

 several depositaries; and for that purpose to appoint special agentinf as

90,s. 1l,\i. 9, occasion may require, with such corppensatiplp, pot cxceedingtsixbdoupgs 3 M -, 18 5, · d * d t l` uses as e may in reasona e, , 129· "·a{8·-"‘ EXE dseblifiled sililzhdtgrsggd eacih appointment. The agent selected to make these examinations shall be instructed to examine as well the books, accounts, and returns of the officer, as the money on hand,. and the manner of its being kept, to the end thatumformity and accuracy in the accounts, as well as safety to the public moneys, may be secured thereb . _ _ _ Examination of Sec.y3650. In addition to the examinations provided form the preced- “?°°“”*” °f °“”*6" ing section, it shall be the duty of each nava officer and surveyor, as a d""" °f Public check upon the assistant treasnrers, or_ the collector of the customs, of E- »—~ their respective districts; of each register of a_ land-office, as a check 6 A“8·· 18* °· upon the receiver of his land—ofIice; and of the director and superintend- 90’°‘12'v'9’p'62' ent of each mint and branch-mint, when separate officers, as a check upon the treasurers, respectively, of fthle mints, oth the perlsomsklactirg as such at the close of each quarter o the year an' as muc o ne _ they are directed by the Secretary of the Treasixry to do so,_ to examine the books, accounts, returns, and money on hand, of the assistant treasurers, collectors, receivers of land-oflices, treasurers of the Mint and each branch-mint, and persons acting as such, and to make a full, accurate, and faithful return of their condition to the becretary of the Treasury. _ , Ercheqze ¤f Sec. 3651. No exchange of funds shall be made by any disbursmg 1°°d* *`°“*”°l°‘l· officer or agent of the Government, of any grade or denomination what- 6 Aug., 1846, c. soever, or connected with any branch of the public service, other than 90, ¤· 21% V- 9» P—6‘*· an exchange for gold, silver, United States notes, and national-bunk 3322 ¥f,b‘i2188§;,§‘ notes; and every such disbursing officer, when the_means for his dns- }?` JQ,;,, {Egg, of bursements are furnished to him in gold, silver, United btates notes, 0I' 142, s. 1, 'v. 12, p. national·bank notes, shall make his payments in the moneys so furnished; 535-M 1863 c or when they arehfurniphed to him in draflés, hall cpuse tipose drrsfts g .'"·* * ‘ be presente att cir ace of payment an proper ypai acco mg 73g°'_?g;g}2i§gZ,12f law, and shall make his peymentspn the mopley so riceived for tlhe dlmféé 106, s. 23, v. 13,p. furnished, unless in eit er case e can exc auge the means in is an s 106- for gold and silver at par. And it shall be the duty of the head of thé U_ g_ ,,_ City proper Department immediatiply to suspend fpom duty anydd;sppl;'S1_¤;E Bank, 6 Mclean, officer or a ent who violates the provisions of t is section, an _ 0 W1 130- to report tds name of the officer or agent to the President, with the fact of the violation, and all the circumstances accompanying the same, and within the knowledge of the Secretary, to the end that such officer 0I' agent may be promptly removed from office, or restored to his trust