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TITLE xL.-THE PUBLIC MONEYS. 719 and the performance of his duties, as the President may deem just and proper. Sec. 3652. $0 officer of the United States shall, either directly or indi- Pvemiumcnsales rectly. sell or dispose of to any person, for a premium, any Treasury note, °fP¤bli°m°¤¤}‘¤*<> draft, warrant. or other public security, not his rivate property,or sell i’°?°°°““i“d '°"· or dispose of the availsor proceeds of such note, draft, warrant. or secur- 6 Aug., 1846, <·. ity, in his hands for disbursement, without making return of such pre- 9°·°· 21·V· 9· 1*-65- mium, and accounting therefor by charging the same in his accounts to the credit of the United States: and any officer violating this section shall be forthwith dismissed from office. _SEc. 3653. The officers, respectively, whose duty it is made by this EXPPHSGS of fl¤· Title to receive. keep. or disburse the public moneys, as the fiscal agents Tl “g°““’· of the Government, may be allowed any necessary additional expenses 6 Aug., 1646,*g for clerks, tire-proof chests or vaults, or other necessary expenses of safe— 90- ¤· Ut V- 9. 62- keeping, transferringgor disbursing the moneys; but all such expenses 3 M‘"·· 18 5- !’· of every character s ll be first expressly authorized by the Secretary 129’ "' 1S' p' 355 of the Treasury, whose directions upon all the above subjects, by way of rccrulation and otherwise, so far as authorized by law, shall be strictly followed by all the officers. ` Sec. 3651. No extra compensation exceeding one-eighth of one per Limifuponextra centnm shall in any case be allowed or paid to any officer, person, or cor- °°‘“P°“”*l°“ f°" poration for disbursing moneys appropriated to the construction of any 23:8 dl°b°"°` public building.- ar'! I ‘ 123, v. 15, p. 312. 3 Mar., 1875, c. 131, 1:. 18, p. 415. Sec. 3655. The depositaries which have been or may be designated by Cvrqpepnticnof the Secretary of the Treasury to receive payments and give receipts or d°P°°‘“*“°°· _ _ certificates of deposit for public money from miscellaneous sources. other 2 Mar., 1853, c. than the tmnsactions of the respective offices for which they are or may 89»¤- LV·10.P· 172- be commissioned, may be paid in full compensation for receiving, safely 32§°1jI't'g’· wg? °· keeping, and paying out such public money, at the rate of 0ne—half of 3’ y,,,._Q€gy5' ,._ one per centuni for the first on.- hundred thousand dollars; one·fourth of 129, c. 18, p. 356. one per centum for the second one hundred thousand dollars; and one- eighth of one per centum for all sums over two hundred thousand dollars. 8 g_ cls_ 235 ’ Any sum which may have been allowed to such depositary for rent or any other contingent expenses in respect to the custody of such public money shall be deducted from such compensation, before any payment shall be made therefor. S ·c. 3656. No compensation shall be allowed for the services mentioned Limit upon comin the preceding section, when the emoluments of the office of which the P°”“"°“· designated depositary is in commission amount to·the maximum compen· 21MM‘·»1*$53» 9 89. sation Bxed by law; nor shall the amount allowed to any of the desig- °‘ iyamzc nated depositaries for such services, when added to the emoluments of 328, ,,_ 1g,’,,_ g6_’ ` the office of which he is in commission, be more than sufficient to make 3 Mar., 1875, c. the maximum e ornpensation fixed by law. 129· ”· 15-1*355- Sec. 3657. The collectors of customs in the several collection-districts C<>ll;=9¤;¤‘¤ ¢<>_¤<=¢ are required to act as disbursing agents for the tpayment of all moneys ggmm ‘” “"‘"€ that are or may hereafter be appropriated for e construction of cus- -—--——-;— t0m—houses, court-houses, post—offices, and marine hospitals; with such ,512 :*19*;, 1*38, C- compcnsation, not exceeding one-quarter of one per centum, as the Sec- 327j ‘ ’ ‘ ’ p' retary of the Treasury may deem epmtable and just. [See s 256;] Sec. 3658. Where there is no col ector at the place of location of any Appointment of public work specified in the preceding section, the Secretary of the ¤P€<>¤¤l disbummg . . . agents, where no reasury may appoint. a dxsbursing agent for the payment of allmoneys couwmis mmm_ appropriated for the construction of any such public work, with such ized_ Compensation as he may decm eqmtable and ]‘ust. 3033 Jmly, 18;*6, c. ,v. , p. . Sec. 3659. All funds held in trust by the United States, and the annual Invpstgnent of interest accruing thereon, when not otherwise required by treaty, shall be invested in stocks of the l`nited States, bearing a rate of interest not 11 Sept.,1841, r-. less than five per centum per annum. 25.8-2.**-5.p-461