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tum; ¤r.v¤.—1¤oRE1GN RELATIONS. 783 T I T L E X L V I I. FOREIGN RELATIONS. Sec. Sec. 4062. Penalty for violating safeconduct4095. In criminal cases. or amaulting public minister. i 4096. Circuit court for California to hear 4063. Process against ministers and their appeals. domestics void. 4097. Evidence in consular courts, how 4064. Penalty for suing out or executing taken. such process. 4098. Compromise, or reference of civil 4065. When process may be iuued against cases to be encouraged. persons in service of ministers. 4099. Certain criminal cases may be set- 4066. Public access to list of names of tied. ministers’ servants. 4100. Aid of civil authorities may be in- 4067. Removal of alien enemies. voked. 4068. Time for removal. 4101. Punishments by tine or imprison- 4069. Jurisdiction of United Shtw courts ment. over alien enemiu. 4102. For murder, insurrection, or rebel- 4070. Duties of marshals in removing alien lion. enemies. 4103. Execution of criminals. 4071. Taking testimony to be used in for- 4104. Punishment of contempts. eign countries. 4105. Decisions of consul sitting alone in 4072. Witness need not crirninate himself. · criminal cases. 4073. Punishment of witnem foroontempt. » 4106. Associates may be called by consuls 4074. Fees and mileage of witnesses. in criminal trials. 4075. Pasports, how granted. 4107. Associates in civil cases. 4076. To be issued to citizens only. 4108. Where jurisdiction of ministers may 4077. Returns of passports isued. be exercised. 4078. False passports. 4109. Jurisdiction of minister when ap- 4079. Powers of foreign consuls over dis- pcllate and when griginal. putes between seamen. 4110. Besponsibilig of iplomatic and 4080. Arrest of seamen on application of consular officers. consul. 4111. Marshals of consular courts. 4081. Commitment and dmcharge. 4112. Execution and retum of process. 4082. Power of United States consular 4113. Marshal’s bond. officers to solemnize marriages. 4114. Suits on marshal’s bond. 4083. Judicial authority of United States 4115. Production of original bond. ministers and consuls in certain 4116. Process against marshal, how execountries. cated. 4(B4. Their jurisdiction of crimes. 4117. Ministers to make regulations for 4085. Jurisdiction in civil cases. consular courts. 4(B6. Jurisdiction, how exercised and en- 4118. Pnblimtion of regulations. forced. 4119. Transmission to Secretary of State. M7. Arrest, trial, and sentence of crimi- 4120. Fees for judicial services. nals. 4121. Expenses of prisons in foreign coun- 4088. Powers of consular officers in un- tries. civilized countries. 4122. In China. 4089. Decisions of consuls; appeal to min- 4123. In Japan. ister. 4124. Court·house in Jeddo. 4090. Jurisdiction of ministers in capital 4125. Provisions of Title extended to Turcases, &c. key. 4091. Appellate jurisdictionof ministers in 4126. To Persia. certain countries. 4127. To Tripoli, Tunis, Morocco, and 4092. A is from consular courts in Muscat. me and Ja . 4128. Judicial duties when to devolve on 4093. When ap al alidwled to circnitcourt Secretary of State. in Caliioernia. 4129. Provisions of '1‘itle further extended. 4094. Appeal from ministcr’s decisions in 4130. Definition of words "minister" and civil cases. " consul." Sec. 4062. Every person who violates any safe conduct or passport Penalty for vioduly obtained and issued under authority of the United States; or who l*m¤8¤°§%°°¤d“§* assaults, strikes, wounds, imprisons, or in any other manner offers gg3Q15m';? p" vnolence to the person of a fpublic minister, in violation of the law of ---7-- nations, shall be imprisoned or not more than three years, and fined, at 9 2°£P;‘li179?igthe discretion of the court. Ni.; U. S. v. Ortega, 11 Wh., 467. Sm. 4063. Whenever any writ or process is sued out or prosecuted by P1j¤<>¤¤¤ ¤(s¤1¤§* M1 person in any court of the United States or of a State, or by any §““““’F’“" .th"" · . . . . . . omestics void. ju e or justice, whereby the person of any public minister of any foreign .._...