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COLVEYANCE OF REAL ESTATE. 53 edged, proved, or certified, and delivered to the recorder for record, and from that time only. Sec. 443. If two or more deeds containing the same property, after Preferences in having been acknowledged, or proved and certified, be delivered to the *'°,_‘@l;..._. recorder for record on the same day, that which shall have been first 20 A¥""· 1%** °· sealed and delivered shall have preference in law. gg{,’%j v' 5’ Pp' SBC. 449. Any title-bond, or other written contract in relation to land, Ti¤¤·l><>¤d¤ Of may be proved, acknowledged, certified, and recorded, in the same man- °°“°“‘°°· ner as deeds for the conveyance of land; and such proof or acknowled g- 1bid., s. 3, p. 227. ment, and certificate, and the delivery of such bond or contract to the recorder of deeds for record, shall be taken and held to be notice to all subsequent purchasers of the existence of such bond or contract. Sec. 450. When any married woman shall be a party executing a When a married deed for the conveyance of real estate or interest therein, and shall only ‘”°'“““ i“ Pm? *° be relinquishing her right of dower, or when she shall be a party with ."i_‘}E’.°2.__. her husband to any deed, it shall be the duty of the officer authorized 31 May, 1832, e. to take acknowledgments, before whom she may appear, to examine her U?»¤·2»Y·4·P· 521- priyily and apart from her husband, and to explain to her the deed 5.,22 *2;*1% 1g3S2g;' Sec. 451. If, upon such privy examination and explanation, she shall Certificate. acknowledge the deed to be her act and deed, and shall declare that she TW had willingly signed, sealed, and delivered the same, and that she wished° not to retract it, the officer shall certify such examination, acknowledgment, and declaration by a certificate annexed to the deed, and under his hand and seal, to the following effect: —-—- county, {or city, &c.,] to wit: I, A B, a justice of the peace, [or other prescribed officer, giving title,] in the county lor city, &c.] aforesaid, in the State Spr Territory, &c.] of -1, do hereby certify that C D, the wife of E , party to a certain deed bearing date on the -— day of -—— and hereunto annexed, personally appeared before me in the county [or city, Src.] aforesaid, the said O D being well known to me as [or proved by the oaths of credible witnesses before me to be] the person who executed the said deed, and being by me examined privily and apart from her husband, and having the deed aforesaid fully explained to her, she, the said E F, acknowledged the same to be her act and deed, and declared that she had willingly signed, sealed, and delivered the same, and that she wished not. to retract it. Given under my hand and seal this -—day of -—-——. A. B. [sam,.] Sec. 452. When the privy examination, acknowledgment, and decla· Efect of deed. ration of a married woman is taken and certified and delivered to the Hi? recorder of deeds for record, in accordance with the provisions of this ' chapter, the deed shall be as effectual in law as if she had been an unmarried woman, but no covenant contained in the deed shall in any manner operate upon her or her heirs, further than to convey eifectually her right of dower or other interest in the real estate which she may have at the date of deed. [sw 9; 121-1:0.1 GONVEYANGE FOB. RELIGIOUS PUBPOsEs. Sec. 453. Where any conveyance or devise of real estate is made for Certain conv0Y• the use and benefit of any religious congregation as a place of public :v'f::;;.°:r;‘;;‘;c§°' worship, such conveyance or devise shall not be void or frustrated by ____...; reason of the want of trustees to `take and hold the same in trust, but 17 J unc, 184273- trustees may be appointed as provided in the following section. 101- °·?j"·5»P· · Sec. 454. When such conveyance or devise is made, whether by the Apponntmwt ¢>f intervention of trustees or not the supreme court of the district shall, on *"““"°°°· application of the United States attorney, on behalf of the authorities Ibid., s. 3. of any such congregation, have power to appoint trustees, originally, when there are none, or to substitute others, from time to tune,111 cases of death, refusal, or neglect to act, removal from the District, or other inability to execute the trust beneficially and conveniently; and the