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IN THE STATE OF MAINE. 125 From Skowhegan, by East Madison, and South olon to l n. From Skowhegan to North Anson: S s S0 0 From South Albion, by Albion, to East Benton. From South Brooksville, by West Brooksville, to North Brooksville. AFrom South China, by Weeks Mills, and Togas Military Asylum, to ngusta. From Southwest Harbor to Cranberry Isle. From South Paris to North Waterford. From South Paris, by Norway, North Norway, Greenwood, and Locke’s Mills, to Bethel. From South Paris to Norway.. From South Paris, by Harrison, North Bridgeton, and West Bridgeton, to Fryeburgh. From South Paris, by Snow’s Fall, Woodstock, North Woodstock, Bnmford, Romford Point, and South Andover, to Andover. From South Weston to Glenwood. From Springiield Corner to Danforth. From Springiield to Winn. From Springvale by Alfred Ross’ Corners, Newileld, South Parsonileld, and Parsonileld, to Eilingham, in New Hampshire. From Standish, by East Livingston, North Livingston, Cornish, Hiram, and Brownsileld, to Fryesburgh. From Standish, by East Limington, North Limington, Limington, Cornish, and Kegar Falls, to Porter. From Strong, by West Freeman, to Salem. From Surrey to South Surrey. From Thomaston, by Cushing, to Friendship. GFrom Thomaston, by Saint George, and Tenantfs Harbor, to Saint eorge. From Tilden, by Amherst, and Aurora, to Township. From Union to Appleton. From Union, by North Union, and Washington, to Lightls Corners. From Waldob0ro" to Friendship. From Waldoboro’ to Jefferson. From Waldoboro’, by North Waldoboro’ to Washington. From Waldoboro’, by South Waldoboro’,·and Frien ship, to Cushing. From Washington to Liberty Village. From Waterboro’ Centre, by Limerick, and Limington, to Standish. From Waterford, by North Waterford, East Stoneham, North Lovell, and Centre Lovell, to Lovell. From Waterville, by Benton, Clinton, Burnham Village, East Pittsheld, Detroit, Plymouth, Etna Centre, Carmel, and Harmon, to Bangor. From Waterville, by Fairfield, Larone, and Occola, to Norridgewock. From Waterville, by Kendal1’s Mills, and Benton, to Unity. From Waterville, by Kendal1’s Mills, Fairfield Corners, Pishon’s Ferry, Canaan, and West Hartland, to Hartland. From Waterville, by Winslow, Benton, Clinton, Burnham Village, East Burnham, Troy Centre, Troy, North Dixmont, North Newburgh, North Hampden, West Hampden, and Hampden, to Bangor. From West Buxton, by Bonny Eagle Village, and Ruvel, to Livingston Villa-ge. From West Lebanon, to Great Falls, in New Hamp hire. _ _ MFrom Weston, by Bancroft, Barker Tract, and Reed Plantation, to o un ·ns. From West Paris to Sumner. _ From West Trenton, by the Shore Road, Eden, Salisbury’s Cove, and Hull’s Cove, to East Eden. i _ From Wilton, by Bean’s Corner, to North Chesterville. From Wilton, by North Wilton, to Temple Mills. From Wilton to Weld. From Windham Centre, by Windham, to Great Falls.