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220 POST-ROADS. From Raleigh, by Auburn, Gulley’s Store, Smithfield, and Boon- Hill, to Goldsbor0’. _ From Raleigh, by·Barclaysville, Pleasant Plains, Averysb0ro’, Kyle’s Landing, and Mary’s Garden, to Fayetteville. From Raleigh, by Eagle Rock,Wakeileld, Stanhope, Sunny South, and Spring Hope, to Wilson; _ From Raleigh, by Holly Springs, Haywood, Adolph, Pnttsborongh, Saint Lawrence, Marley’s Mills, Red Creek, Franklinyille, Cedar Falls, Ashborough, Carraway, Spencer, Silver Hill, Cotton Grove, and Jersey Settlement to Salisbury. _ _ From Raleigh, by Kelvin Grove, Roger’s Store, Fish Dam Stagville, Red Mountain, Daniel’s Mills, and Van Hook’s Store, to Roxborough. From Raleigh, by Morrisville, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Green Spring, Mason Hall, Graham, and Allemance, to Greensborough. From Raleigh, by New Hill, Haywood, Oakland, Egypt, The Gulf, and Carbonton, to Carthage. From Raleigh, by Nnse, Forestville, Pacific Franklinton, Kittrell, Henderson, Ridgeway, Macon' Depot, Littleton, Spring Hill, and Gaston, · to Weldon. ‘ From Raleigh, to Roxborough, by Flemington, Stagville, Round Hill, Red Mountain, and Mount Tirzah. From Reed Creek, by Franklinville, Soapstone Mount, and ‘1‘roy’s Store, to Reed Creek. From Reed Creek to Pittsboro’. From Reed Creek, by John Pope’s, Isaiah Cheek’s, and John Brewer’s, to Robert Goldstone’s. From Reidsvillerby Lawsonville, and Blackwell’e, toYanceyville. From Reidsville, by Wentworth, and Eagle Falls, to Leaksville. From Ridgeway, by Exchange, Laynersville, Clarksville, in Virginia, White House, and Hyoo Falls, to Halifax Court-House. From Ridgeway to Hilliard’s Store. From Ridgeway, by Nut Bush, Palmer’s Springs, Saint Tammany, and Merry Mount, to Ridgeway. From River Side to Harrington. From Rock Creek, by Curtis’s Mills, and Terrill’s, to Gmham. From Rockford, by Siloam, Stony Ridge, Old Richmond, Bethania, and Rural Hall, to Germantown. From Rockford, by Walnut Lane, Jonesville, and Swan Pond, to Brier Creek. _ Frlgroim Rocky Mount, by Hilliardston, Belford, and Louisburg, to n in. From Rocky Mount, by Tarborough, Sparta, Falkland, Greenville, and Pactolus, to Washington. 'From Rutherlordton, by Cooper’s Gap, Mill’s Gap, and Edneyville, to Hendersonville. From Rutherfordton, by Logan’s Store, Dunoan’s Creek, Polkville, and Camp Call, to Garner’s Ford. From Rutherfordton to Marion, by Patton’s Home, Golden Valley, Minersville, and Drysorville. From Rutherfordton to Spartanburg, in South Carolina. From Rutherfordton, by White Oak, Sandy Plains, Earlsville, in South Carolina, Gowensville, Milburgh, Milford, and Palona, to Greenville Court-House, in South Carolina. From Salem to Clemmonsville. From Salem, by Germantown, Walnut Cove, Madison, and Leaksville, to Danville, in Virginia. From Salem to Jerusalem. _From Salem, by Muddy Creek, Panther Creek, Huntsville, Hamptonville, New Castle, Brner Creek, Wilkesboro’, Church’s Store, and South Fork, to J efferson. _ From Salem, by Rough and Ready, to Germantown, Red Shoals,Mnrt1n’s Lime Knlns,Colesville, and Avo, to Patrick Court-[·lousc, in Virginia.