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IN THE STATE OF TENNESSEE. 28] From Dover, to Hopkinsville, in Kentucky. From Dover, by Kukman’s Furnace, and Paris Landing, to Paris. From Dover, to Murray, in Kentucky. From Dover, to New Concord, in Kentucky. From Dover, to Pine Bluff by Iron Mountain, and Great Western. From Dover to Strombold Furnace. From Dover to Tobacco Port. uFrom Dresden, by Dedham, Mount Prospect, and Andalusia, toYorkv e. From Dresden, by Middleburg, and Mount Pelia, to Troy. From Dresden, by Palmerls Store, and Elm Tree, to Boydsville. From Due West, by Level Land, to Temple of Health. From Dyersburg, to Booth’s Point. From Dyersburg, by Chesnut Blutlh, to Brownsville. From Dyersburgh, byMiller’s Chape , Begg’s Cotton Gin, Quincy, and Dr. Hick’s, to Mason’s Grove. From Dyersburg, by Miller’s Chapel, Chesnut Bluffs, Laneileld, Cherryville, Oageville, Mason’s Grove, and Poplar Corner, to Jackson. From Dyersburg, by Riehwoods, to Dyersbnrg Landing. From Dyersburg, by Ro-Ellen, Pearce’s, and Fisher’s, to Trenton. From Dyersburg, by Wilkinsville, to Trenton. Shlgom Elizabethtown, to Abingdon, in Virginia, by Stony Creek, and Y- ' From Elizabethtown, by Greenlleld, Blountsville, and Arcadia, to Kingsport. From Elizabethtown, by Longmire, to Stockville, in North Carolina. From Elizabethtown, to Morgantown, in North Carolina.' From Elizabethtown, by Peoplesville, and Swingleville, to Longmire. From Elizabethtown to Shady. . From Ellijay, by Knob Creek, and Guist’s Creek, to Sevierville. From Fayetteville, by Boon’s Hill, and Gas Factory, t0_ Cornersville. From Fayetteville, by Carmago, Molino, and Bobinson’s Store, to Pleasant Plains. From Fayetteville, by Cordova, to Branchville. From Fayetteville, to Harpeth, by New Hope, Farmington, Fishingford, Civil Order, and Gideonsville. . From Fayetteville, by Kinderhook, Goorgeis Store, and Oregon, to Sa em. From Fayetteville to Tullahoma. From Fayetteville to Upper Elkton, by Dye1·’s Store, Cold Water, MF Higwwefs Slow. Vin G C to Mill ll B k Hill, rom yettevile, ey rove, yrus n, `vie, uner Bradshaw, and Lamartine, to Pulaski. From Fayetteville to Winchester. From Franklin, by Barren, to Charlotte. From Franklin, by Hurt’s Cross—Roads, to Bally Hill. _ From Franklin, by Hurt’s Cross-Roads, Bally Hill, Hard1son’s Mills, Beard’s Sto and Berlin to Lewisburg. From Frariiklin, by Plnkne , and Bethesda, to Hurt’s Cross-Roads. From Franklin, by West Harpeth, Hill’s Valley, Leiper’s_ Fork B0s· ton, Lick Creek, 'l’otty’s Bend, Centreville, Beaver Dam Springs, Pleasantville,·I1inden, Beardstown, and Wood’s, to Perryville. - From Freedom to Mill Creek. From Freedom to Washington College. From Gainesboro by New Columbus, Helham, Livingston, Nettle Carrier, and West Fork to Jamestown. _ _ From Gainesboro by ew Columbus, Buck Point, Meigsville, Butler’s Landing, and Hamilton’s Landing, to Celina. From Gainesboro, by Rocky Mount, Highland, Bagdad, and Pleasant Shade, to Dixon’s prings. _ From Gainesboro, by Wh tleyville, Clementsville, Tompkmsville, in Kentucky, Mad Lick, and Skegg’s Creek, to Glasgow.