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282 POST·ROADS. From Gallatin, to Elkton, in Kentucky, by Cross Plains, Keysburg, and Allensville. From Gallatin to Murfreesboro, by Lebanon. From Gallatin, to Scottsville, in Kentucky, by Bledsoe’s Creek. From Gallatin to Springfield, by Cross Plains. _ From Gorman’s Depot, by Birdsville, and RICIIHNISOIHS Cove, to Honksville. _ From Gorman’s Depot, by Newport, to Parrotsville. From Granville to Chesuut Mound. _ From Greenville, by Camp Creek, Horse Creek, and Broylesville, to Rheatown. From Greenville to Caster’s Station. _ From Greenville, by Limestone Springs, Paint Rock, Warm Springs, in North Carolina, Lapland, and French Broad, to Ashville. From Greenville, by Timber Ridge, Little Chucky, Warrensburg, Chucky Bend, Snoddyville, and Leadvale, to Dandridge. From Hardinsville, to Florence, in Alabama. From Hardinsville, to Tipton Court·House, by McNairy Court-House, and Hardeman CourtHouse. From Harrison to Chattanooga. From Harrison, to Cottonport, by Blue Spring. From Harrison, by Hinson’s, to Pikeville. From Harrison, by Walden’s Ridge, Hinson’s and Stephen’s Chapel, to Fillmore. ' From Hermitage, by Swallow Bluif, to Savannah. From Hickman, by Wilsonville, Obion City, Robinson’s Store, and Kelley’s Store, to Dyersburg. From Hillsboro, by Prairie Plains, and Kenley’s Store, to Decherd. From Humboldt to Brazil. From Huntingdon, by Hico, Caledonia, Fleming’s, Christmasville, Pillowville,_and Winston, to Dresden. From Huntingdon, by McLemoresville, Shady Grove, Waterford,Trenton, Gibson’s Wells, Quincy, Cageville, Cherryville, and Rusk, to Brownsville. . From Huntingdon, by Paris, and Boydsville, to Mayfield, in Kentucky. From Huntingdon, by Roan' Creek, Red Mound, Lexington, Middle Fork, Jack’s Creek, and Anderson’s_ Store, to Purdy. From Huntingdon, by Terry, South Carroll, Spring Creek, Jackson, Medon, Van Buren, and William’s Store, to La Grange. From J aeksboro’, by Elk Gap, to Williamsburgh. From J aeksboro’, by Huntsville, to Jamestown. From Jaeksboro?, by Straight Fork, Buifalo Creek, Pouch Creek, and Wild Cat, in Kentucky, to Whitley Court-House. From Jackson, by Andrewls Chapel, Denmark, Black Oak Grove, Fayette Corner, Championville, Pierce, and Somerville, to Moscow. From Jackson, by Midlin, J ack’s Creek, Mud Creek, and Con“ee Landing, to Savannah. From Jackson, by Mount Pinson, Minlin, and Nero, to Lexington. From Jackson, by Mount Pinson, and Montezuma, to Purdy. From Jackson to Wellwood. From Jasper to Altamont. From Jasper, by Dadeville, Oheeksville, Looney’s Creek, Coop’s Creek, and Mount Airy, to Fillmore. From Jasper to Nickoiack. From Jonesboro’, to Ashe Court—House, in North Carolina, by Elizabethtowu. From J onesboro’, `to Asheville, in North Carolinn, by the Walnut Mountains. From Jonesboro’, to Boat Yard, by Embree’s Iron Works. From Jonesboro’, by Buifalo Ridge, to Gott’s Cross-Roads. From Jonesboro’, to Charlotte, in North Carolina. From Jonesboro’, by Cox’s Store, to Longmire.