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IN THE TERRITORY OF WASHINGTON. 34], From Salt Lake City to Silver Lake. C From Salt Lake City, by Stoker, Farmington, and Kaysville, to Ogden ity. From Salt Lake City, by Taylorsville, West Jordan, Gardnefs Mills, and Bingham Canon, to Cedar Valley. From Salt Lake City to Tooele City. . From Salt Lake City, by Union, Draper, Palmyra, Lehi City, Amer— ican Fork, Pleasant Grove, Provo City, Payson, Springville, Summit, Nephi City, Corn Creek, Fillmore City, Salt Creek, and Canal Creek, to anti. From Salt Lake City, by Utah Lake, to Sand Pitch Valley. From Cedar City, by Harmony, and Pine Valley, to Santa Clara. From Springville, by Fairview, and Mount Pleasant, to Springtown. From Springville, by Spanish Fork, Canon Fairview, Mount Pleasant, Springtown, Ephraim, and Manti, to Gunnison. From Stockton to Jacob City. From Stockton to Ophir. Froom Tooele City to Grantsville. From Toquerville, by Pocketville, and Grafton, to Adventure. From Virgin City, by Grafton, to Rockville. . IN THE TERRITORY OF WASHINGTON. r,:;*;_¤hi¤8*°¤ T°*`· From Arkada to Steilacoom. `3 Ma-. 1854. c- From Arkada to Union City, g, v. 0, pp. 545, From Astoria, in Oregon, by Chenook, Edmonston, Tarlet, Oyster t,',,,,,,,, ,855 c_ Beach, Bringham City, and most direct route to intersect the route from 211,v. 10, $.713] Olympia, to Gray’s Harbor. 18 Mg-. 1856, ¤· From Astoria, in Oregon, by Job Lamly’s, and Fort Willopa, to Will- 16g·§J:é,l’·i*€é7 c iam s, near mouth of Black River.109, v,11,p.239.’ ` From Bellingham Bay to Fort Colville. 14 June, 1858, c. From Cathlamet to S. Ford’s. 16% V- IL P- 36i~ From Cathlamet to Olympia. 5,2; gba ,l,?1·°· From Chenook City to Pacino City. § j,,,;,?' 1g6g, ,,_ From Colville to Pend d’Oreille Lake. 95, v. 12, p. 421. From Colville by Antoine P1antes’, to Coeur d’Alene Mission. 14 JMX. 1862, c- From Colville io Similkaman. 17;;,*,.g,* P‘,% 5 From Cowlitta Landing to Boistfort Prairie. 55_v_12_,Q{664_ ’ ' From the Dalles, by Clickitat Valley, and Simcoe, to Okinikaine. 14 M¤r¤b,1a66,e. · From the Dalles, by Columbus, to Golden Dale. 16, E- }4»]P· 8- From the Dalles, by Simcoe, to Sharps. 25; V ,*,y’1&s.,6· °‘ From Delta, by Pinawawa,,a11d Colfax, to Spoken Bridge- 36 M"é1£`i95é,.,, From Ebey’s Landing, by Penn’s Cove, and Oak Harbor, to McDou· 35, v. 15, p.54. ougb’s Island. 1 if M#,r¤¤,1869.¤· From Fort Laramie, in Nebraska, to Hell-Gate. _ 3,;,v_,,3$,P‘,§ij 5_ From Fort Madison, by Muckilteo, and Utsaladdy, to Coveland. 2]3,v_ 16, ,,_2g0_’ From Fort Vancouver to Fort Steilacoom. as Feb., 1871, c; From Gamble to Sebec. 1°h",d6· P-:;;; From Lewiston to Florence City. ,59 v_ #*,,,,5} °` From Montezuma to Liberty. 3, Mamii, 1873, c. FlFrom New Dungeness, by False Dungeness, and Neeah Bay, to Cape 255, v. 17, p. 597. attery. From Oakland to Grey’s Harbor. From Oakland to Hood’s Canal. From Oakland, by North Bay, to Sebec. From Oakpoint to Mount Prairie. From Olympia, by Arkada, to Oakland. B Frpm Olympia, by Chamber’s Prairie, and Temalquit Prairie, to Coal an . From Olympia, by Nathan Eaton’s, and Selm Prairie, to Fort Montgomery. From Olympia, by Ford’s, to.Chinook City.