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342 rosraoans. From Olympia to Gray’s Harbor. From Olympia, by Head of Totten’s, Eld’s, and Hammersly’s Inlets, to Oakland. From Olympia, by Miami, William’s, Scammin’s, Lee, Gray’s Harbor, Oysterville, Paciiic City, and Chinook, to Astoria. From Olympia to Seattle. From Olympia to Shoalwater Bay. From Oysterville, by Bruceport, Fort Willopa, and Boundtree’s Prairie, to Boistfort Prairie. From Pacific City, by Chenook, Cathlamet, Oak Point, Monticello, Cathlapootle, Columbia City, Cascade City, and Fort Wallawalla, to Wailepta. From Pacino City, by Oysterville, and Bruceport, to Olympia. From Port Townsend, by Port Discovery, to New Dungeness. From Port Townsend, by San Juan Island, Lopez, Orcas, and Cy- press, to Semiahmoo. From Rainer, by Monticello, Cowlitz, Highland, and Olympia, to Steilacoom. From Saint Helen’s, by Cathlapootle, to Pekin. From Seabeck to Skokomish. From Seabeck to Union City. From Seattle to Bensonville. From Seattle, by Meridian Prairie, to Ranger’s Prairie. From Seattle, by Port Madison, Kelt’s Mills, Penn’s Grove, and Whatcom, to Port Townsend. From Seattle, by Salmon Bay, to Point Elliott. From Seattle to Snohomish. From Seattle, by Tree Posts, and Pass Blakeley, to Pass Orchard. From Seattle to the Doet Warnisb Mills. From Snohomish, by Mouth of Snoqualmie River, to Snoqualmie. From Steilacoom, by Alki, to Seattle. From Steilacoom to Camp Montgomery. From Steilacoom, by Military Road, to Fort Walla-Walla. From Steilacoom, by Nacher’s Pass, and Wallula, to Walla-Walla. From Steilacoom City to San Francisco. From Steilacoom to Seattle. From Steilacoom City, by Yakahama Valley, to Walla-Walla. h From Teekalet, by Post Madison, Muckiltoe, and Tnlalip, to Snoomish. From Utsaladdy to Centreville. From Utsaladdy to Skagit City. From Vancouver, by Fourth Plain, Lackamas, and Fern Prairie, to Washingal. ‘ From Vancouver to Strong’s Battle-Ground. From Vancouver to Walla-Walla. From Wailepta, by Craig’s, Coeur d’Aleine Mission, and Saint Mary’s Valley, to Fort Benton, in Montana. From Wailepta, by Walla-Walla, Walkers, Ee1’s Mission, and Brown’ , 'to Fort Colville. From Walla-Walla, by Lewiston, and Pieree City, to Elk City. From Walla-Walla, and Orilino, by Lewiston, to Pierce City. From Wallula, by Antoine Plantes’, Peru,* D’Orville Lake, and Hell- Gate, to Helena, in Montana. From Walla-Walla, by Antoine Plantes’, and the Coeur d’Alene Mission, to Hell-Gate. From Whatcom to Nooksack. From Whatcom, by Samish, Fidalgo, Lopez, and San Juan, to Port Townsend. From Whatcom to Semiahmoo.

  • ’ Pond d’Orcille Lake.