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IN THE TERRITORY OF WYOMING. 343 IN THE TERRITORY OF WYOMING. t Wyoming Terri- OI`}'. From Carter to Fort Bridger. Q',,1]_éi§,j From Cheyenne, by Fort Laramie, and Fort Fetterman, to Helena. 22, v. io, vs. 7 i From Cheyenne to Iron Mountain. 14 July, 1870, c. From Evanston, by Yellow Creek, Bear Lake, and Soda Springs, in 27g§"i}(i; lL1g!- _ Utah, to Virginia City, in Montana. ,0, V Q, "i, ,,,,,l’ °‘ From Fort Bridger to Pine Grove. 111 May, lsvé, n. From Fort Bridger to Scottsville. 1s9,v.17.1>·l16· From Fort Haiieck m whim Rim. 42,1°,J;;¤¤» ig? <>- From Percy, by Fort Halleck, to Last Chance, in Colorado. "° ’P` ° " From Green River City, by South Pass City, Atlantic City, Fort Stambaugh, and Hamilton City, to Camp Brown. From Laramie City to Cinnebar City. From Laramie City, to Gilman City, in Colorado. From Laramie City, by Last Chance, to North Park, in Colorado. From Point of Rocks, by South Pass City, Atlantic City, and Miners’ Delight, to Wind River Valley. From Rawling’s Springs to Seminole City. From Rawling’s Springs, to White River Agency, in Colorado. From South Pass City, by Clark’s Fork, Bozeman, and Fort Ellis, to Helena, in Montana Territory. From Yellow Creek to Wasatch, in Utah. Approved, June 22, 1874.