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m run smrn or nnnawknn. 33 From Redding to Bridgeport. From Redding Ridge, by Redding, to West Redding. From Ridgedeld, by Lewisborough, in New York, Vista, New Canaan, and North Stamford, to Stamford. From Rockville, by Tollund, West Willinaton, Willingtou Centre, Moose Meadow, Westford, North Ashford, West Woodstock, Village Corners, and Dudley, to Webster, in Massachusetts. . From Staford Depot, to Southbridge, in Massachusetts. From Stamford by North Stamford, and High Ridge, to Pound Ridge, in New York. From Stamford to Long Ridge. From Stamford to New Canaan. From South Norwalk, by Norwalk, Wilton, Georgetown, Ridge ileld, Reddin g, Redding Ridge, and Bethel, to Danbury. From Stuartville, by Bloomfield, Tariifville, Granby, North Granby, and East Granville, in Massachusetts, to Blanford. From Tolland, by Moose Meadow, Westford, North Ashford, and West Woodstock, to North Woodstock. From Unionville, by Burlington and Harwinton, to Wolcottville. S From Vernon Depot, by Vernon, Rockville, and Tolland, to Stafford P¤¤€$· From Voluntown, by Campbe11’s Mills, Collamer, and Sterling Hill, to Sterling. " From Waterbury, by Marion, to West Meriden. From Waterbury, by Middlebury, to Woodbury. From Waterbury, by Watertown, to Litchfield. From West Cornwall to Sharon. From West Killingly, by Brooklyn, Hampton, Chaplin, and North Windham, to Willimantic. From West Killingly, by South Killingly, North Sterling, and Foster Ceutrgbto South Foster. From est Willington, by Moose Meadow, Westford, North Ashford, West Woodstock, and New Boston, to Webster in Massachusetts. From Willimantic, by Mausiield Centre, and Chaplain, to Eastford. From Windham to Willimantic. _ From Wolcottville, by Torrington, to Goshen. IN THE STATE OF DELAWARE. Delaware. From Canterbury, by Berrytown, Masten’s Corner, Vernon, and a Aug., 1854, e. Burrsville, in Maryland, to Denton. _ 230.v- 10. pv- 407. From Cantwell’s Bridge, by Middletown, and Warwick, to Cecllton. *0;*;, Jun ,858 c From C6!Itl'cViI]0 to Smith’s Bridge. 169, v_ 11, 339] ` hom Dagsboro’, by Blackwater, and Hal1’s Store, to Tunne1l’s Store. 14 July, 1s¢s2, c. From Dover to Little Creek Landing. 17;;;*31%. n15g61E From Frankford, by Andy, to Tuunell’s Store. 26, v_ f,"1;_282_’ °' From Fredonia, by Willow Grove, to Mount Moriah. gb M.},, 1868, c, From Georgetown, by Concord, Laurel, Salisbury, in Maryland, 35,v. 15, p. 45. Forktown, and Upper Trappe, to Princess Anne. 2425 J;;!, 1;*:.} °- From Georgetown to Lewes. 3’Q,,,.cj,P'186g, ,,_ ’ From Georgetown, by Millsboro’, Da.gsboro’, Selbyville, Saint Mar- 13[•v_ 15, {,_ 321, tin’s, in Maryland, Berlin, Newark, Snow Hill, Sandy Hill, Horntown, 28 Feb., 1871, e. in Virginia, Chincoteague, Modest Town, Metompkin, Accomack Court- 101»'· 16» P- *61- House, Onancock, Pungoteague,Bel1e Haven, Franktown, and Johnsontown, to Eastville. From Georgetown, by Springueld,,and Hollyville, to Angola. From Kirkwood to Glasgow. . From Milford, by Cedar Creek, and Draw Bridge, to Lewes. From Millsboro’, by Angola, to Lewes. From Millsboro’, by Gumboro’, to Whaleysville, in Maryland. From Milford, by Williamsville, Bridgeville, Horsey’s Cross Roads, Federalsburgh, and East New Market, to Cambridge. " B s m--3