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34 POST-ROADS. From Mount Pleasant Station, by McDonough, to Port Penn. _ From Newark, by Cook’s Bridge, Glasgow, Summit Bridge, Middle-

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r m ou o umm: fl gill. Frgm Saint George’s, by Delaware City, to Port Penn. From Smyrna, by Chesterneld and Millington, in Maryland, to Chesterltowmgu Marylan£lé_ _ m m rna o 1pSl0. Figm Townsend, by Black Bird, to Deakyneville. _ From Vlglmington,0by} Loveville,1New Garden, in Pennsylvania, Avondale, and hatham, ochransvi e. From Wilmington,ll;y lgawgastlg Chlippgwg, Red Lion gaiut G)eorgle’s, McDonough Cantwe s ri ge, lac, myrna, over, am en Cz%j•erbmry,’Fredritc(:1aiMiLfoirt<Lil1;.nd Milton, to Georgetown. , m yoming az e e. From Wyoming, by Lebanon, to Magnolia. Florida. IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. s Aug., 1854, ¤. From Adamsvillq by Pineborongh and Fort Butler, to Lake Grimn. m.v· 1 . PP- 4*2- Frrgm Alma, 1; Genlega, lin Alabama. _ · $5 m _ to me ve . ,,¥,l:°f§}',,_17g,_’ °' xm Alligator, go N)ewhBottombon the Suwanuee River. 18 A ., 1ss6,¤. m igator, y ur am, to ustee. 168.v- l11E1M 1% From Alligator, by Snwannee Shoals, to Blount’s Ferry. mg 15*;:]* §_· °‘ From Alligator, y White Springs, Jasper, Jennings, Belleville, , . ,P. . . . M _,,,,,,, 1858, ,,_ Chlerrgy,Hlamb11;rghbC‘i1Ro]r? and Ancilla, to Monticello. 162,v. 11, pp. 339, m pa ac ico to ar eys. 34; Feb 1861 c' mm Apalachictglg by Chatahoochee, to Columbus, in Georgia. ·· • m ngus omasassa. B7é;`}?;:; c. F¤`0¤¤ B¤·i¤b!‘idg¤, il} G601‘gi6, by Chattahoochee, Marianna, Scour- 35,v. 15, 45. lock’s Springs, Webbville, Campbellton, Geneva, in Alabama, Gents- 3 M¤¤‘¤ i IE;} ¤· ville, Milton, and Floridatown, to Pensacola. 13g·,',:,%,}’·f*8,(; °_ From Bainbridge, in Georgia, by Chattahoochee, Ochesee, West Wingg, v_ 16, ,,]1o_ ’ ton, Rick0c’¤ Bluff, Ich, and Fort Gadsden, to Apalachicola. m§4vJgy,1§gv;>, c. MFrom Barbour’s, by New River, Fort Harley, and Fort Crane, to r • ¤ · * l03i10p}'. ,0?"vF`f,£‘i,_?g,{· °* From Bayard, by George’s Lake and Danielsville, to Newnanville. 6 lqlymhsomg, ,_ From gpy Pscat to (C)le:rb°V\éater Harbor. · ,v. ,p. rom un wn. W ·l¤¤·» 18% ¤· From Bronson by Crystal lgiirleg to Brookville. m•" 17*1*383* From Brookville to Bay Port. , From gamp lzarg tg Céystal River. rom amp zar , y omasassa, to Bay Port. From Cedar Keys to Sumterville. FromCeda1·Ke bWk' Ol L . v*§'l}j;»3{1°<grSpvrint§7¤é]5;r¥|:u ‘;,t,,?g;?’,,° §:';¢Sm?,Eg&BW¤¤f, Fort Butler, a r ar or am From Concord, to Harrell b Calvpa Gem- From Coon Bottom to Q Z y uy, in gm uincy. From Deadman’s Ba , by Spring Warrior Ham t S rin s P 20c:rd:IH‘;¤¤t:,&w;<;tt: M¤ill5,0Sain;Augnstine Cross Ihtgalds, landgMoC(all?s , n a From Euttzrprise to New Smyglma. rom n rprise to Sand Point. From Fanning by Fort Fanning Cook’s Ham k W Fi - holluogay, Eauperire, and Rocky Ford, to Waukeelnxr , amor, nk I; _ m Fort Capronl, by Fort Vinton, Fort Drum, Fort Kissimme, Lake C Pme Leve , Fort Myers, Penta Rosa, and Caximbas Bay to ma 0. ’ From Fort Gates by¢Lake Cha l d Sil S From Fort Meade to Charlotte IH§:rh·or. vcr prius, to Ocala"