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72 POST-ROADS. F m Mto n, b Sharon Albany Fairview Half·Wa.y Mount 1>1ear§mu,a§;;l°0€;eiE.Eg¤m, Bear- Green}, New Geirydon, and, smvs Css·Bo sto isire. _ _ _ rFrom Muricietown, by (Smithfield, Windsor, Macksville, Winchester, B rto ‘ d D k , to i e. _ _ ?E‘rom“N‘;hvill,; liy Beanmgiossom, and Mount Moriah, to Edinburgh. From Nashville to Morgartown. _ _ From Nashville, by New Bellsville, Christiansburgh, Buhlo, Honston, and Freetown, to Brownstown. _ From Natchez, by Pleasant Valley, Halbert’s Bluii, Dove Hill, and S tland,toBl m e . (From N eshantic, by Pleasant Valley, to Lawreneeberg. _ _ From New Albany, by Bennettsville, New Providence, Pekin, Hamstown, Salem, Campbellsburg, Leipsic, Orleans, Woodland, Juliet, Bedford, Harrodsburg, Bloomington, Crawfordsvnlle, Lafayette, Battle Ground, Brookston, B.eynolds,_and River, to Michigan City. - From New Albany, by Bridgeport, Elizabeth, and Laconia, to Mauckport. From Newburg to Marco. From New Garden to Arba. _ From New Garden, by Whitewater, Bethel, Republican, Spartansburg, German, and Tampico, to Granville. _ _ From New Albany, by Georgetown, New Salisbury, Barren, Milltown, Marengo, Mount Prospect, Wickliff, Ditney Hill, and Celestine, to Jas r. Fprdm New Albany, by Knob Creek, and Thomas Strong’s, to Elizabeth. From New Albany, by Lanesville, to Corydon. From New Castle, by Cadiz, to Greensboroh From New Castle, by Cadiz, Mechanicsburg, Huntsville and New Columbus, to Pendleton. From New Castle, by Dan Webster, Ashland, Bogersville, and Luray, to Muncietown. From New Castle by Sulphur Springs, and Middletown to Chestere . il ld ’ ’ From New Point, by Bossbnrg, and Saint Maurice, to Clarksburg. From Newport, by Quaker Point, to Bonwell, in Illinois. From New Providence to Martinsburg. t Ig·otmrNewton, by Shawnee Prairie, Independence, and Pine Village, o x o . From the county-seat of Newton County, by White’s Grove, to Mo- From Newville, by Canoper, and Salem, to Willshire. From Noblesville, by Cicerotown, and Shielsville, to Tipton. d Fromt0Noblesville, by Strawtown, Perkinsville, and Hamilton, to Anerson wn. From North Grove to Santa Fé. From Oakland City to Winslow. From Oil Creek to Celina. From Ogden to Rushville. From Ogden, by Spiceland, to Greensboro’. From Orleans to Paoli. From Otterdage, by Zenas, and Brewersville, to Scipio. mgjrtoem Outlet, by West Creek, Sherhurnville, and Yellow Head, to Mo- 1n ino1s. _ From Owensburg, by Pleasant Ridge, and Scotland, to Bloomileld. From gwtenslvilleéo Mount Carmel. rom x or , y atalpa Grove, and Ca ter’s C k, to n l . From Paoli, bv French Lick, Davis Creelk[;cLndlow,rHiaysvHl}e, Jtspei, Ireland, White Oak Grove, and Delectable Hill, to Petersburg. From Paoli, and Newton Stuart, to Carmelton. From Paoli, by Prospect, to Natchez.