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IN THE STATE OF INDIANA. 73 From Paoli, by Valleene, Marengo, Pilot Knob, and Fredonia to Leavenworth. ’ From Parkersburg to Cairo. Fgm by Laiicasger, to Dupont. m en cton, y arksville Noblesville Westfield Ea l and Northfield, to Lebanon. , 1 ’ g Bmwm From Peru, by Chili, Paw Paw, Niconza, Lodi, Claypool, Warsaw Manoquet, Leesburg, Milford, New Paris, and Waterford Mills, to Goshonz From Peru, by Santa Fé, to Bexar. From Perry, by Butler, Auburn, De Kalb, Taylor’s Corners, Hamilton, Pleasant Lake, Angola, Fremont, Crooked Creek, Kinderhook, and Ovid, to Coldwater. ‘ From Perrysville to Danville. From Perrysville to State Line City. _lFrom Petersburg, by Dougal, McCntchen•rille, and Oakdam, to Evansvi e. From Petersburg, by Mount J eiferson, to Monticello. {rom Petersburg, by Winslow, Lynnville, and Hartsb0ro’, to Boonvi e. » From Philadelphia, to New Palestine, and Sugar Creek. From Pine Village, by Petersburg, to Oxford. From Plainfield to Smootsdell. From Plainfield, by Spring Valley, and Mooresville, to Monrovia. From Pleasant View, by London, to Manwaring’s. From Plymouth to Knox. From Point Commerce, by Middlebnrg, to Bowling Green. From Point Commerce, 'by Wright, to Sullivan. From Point Isabel, by Hackleman, and Shadesville, to Marion. From Poland to Reelsville. From Porter’s Cross-Roads, by Boone Grove, to Tassinong Grove. lgrcim Portland, by College, Antioch, Boundary City, and Pittsburg, to a em. From Portland Mills, by Parksville, to Bruin’s Cross-Roads. From Portland Mills, by Russellville, to Waveland. From Prairieville, by Lauramie, and Concord, to Romney. From Princeton, by Kirk’s Mills, Union, Buena Vista, Petersburg, and Kiuderhook, to Washington. From Princeton, by Marsh Creek, Owensville, Cynthiana, Poseyvillc, New Harmony, and Farmersville, to Mount Vernon. From Princeton, by Mount Carmel, to Olney, in Illinois. From Putnamville, by Cataract, Spencer, White Hall, and Stanford, to Springville. From Rensselaer, by Meadville, and Brook, to Kent Station. From Rensselaer,to Momence, in Illinois. mFrom Rensselaer, by Pilot Grove, and Morocco, to Kankakee City, in 1D01S. From Reynolds, by Monticello, to Plymouth. From Richmond, by Abington, Clifton, Brownsville, Liberty, Dunlapsville, and Fairfield, to Brookville. From Richmond, by Chester, New Garden, and Lynn, to Winchester. From Richmond, by Dover, Webster, Williamsburg, Economy, Blonntsville, and New Burlington, to Muncie. From Richmond, by Middleborough, Hillsborough, Bethel, Arba, Spartansbnrg, Bartonia, and Salem, to Union City. From Richmond, by Washington, and Hagerstown, to New Castle. From Rising Sun, by Hartford, Guionsville, Dillsborough, Farmer’s Retreat,.Hart’s Mills, and Elrod, to Versailles. _ From Rising Sun, by John Scranton’s, Milton Mills, and Bear Branch, to Cross Plains. _ ` From Rochester, by Green Oak, Perrysbnrg, Mexico, Peru, Reserve, Somerset, and J alapa, to Marion. _ ’ From Rochester, by Indian Field, and Monterey, to Wmamac.