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74 POST-ROADS. hester b Kewanna and Mooresburgh, to Winamac. Frdrlhl Rgdhester, by Mill Ark,’and Akron, to Gilead. _ From Rochester, by Mill Ark, Troy, Wesley, Gilead, Niconza, and n o Wabash. Ovjgom Rochester, by Mkron, Meredith Mills, Bloominghurg, Beaver Dam and Palestine, to arsaw. _ From Rochester, by Wesley, Beaver Dam, Palestine, Warsaw, Menoqnet, Leesburg, Milford, and Jackson, to Goshen. From Rockport, by Enterprise, French Island, and Yankeetown, to Newbnrg. _ _ _ From Rockville, by Annapolis, Delta, Sylvania, Howard, Lodiville, and Headley’s Hills, to Covington. From Rockville, to Bruin’s Cross-Roads, Weaveland, and Brown’s Valley, to Crawfordsville. From Rockville to Covington. From Rockville, by Ionia, and Bridgeton, to Brazil. _ From Root, by- Massillon, East Liberty, and Tully, in Ohio, to Van Wert. From Ross Station to Merrillville. From Royal Centre, by Big Indian, and Blue Grass, to Fulton. From Rushville, by Farmington, and Steele’s, to Connersville, From Rushville, by Hannegan, Carthage, Westland, Greeniield, Hervey, Aliont, Woodbury, »Walpole, and Olio, to Noblesville. From Rushville to Millroy. From Rushville, by New Salem, Andersonville, Laurel, Metamora, Brookville, Cedar Grove, New Trenton, Braysville, Harrison, Dry Fork, Miami, Dent, and Cheviot, in Ohio, to Cincinnati. From Rushville, by Orange, Columbia, and Nul1’s Mills, to Connersville. From Rushville, by Sme1ser’s Mills, Melrose, Falmouth, Groves, Steele's, Longwood, Connersville, Alquina,Dunlapsvi1le, Billingsville, and Contreras, to Oxford, in Ohio. From Saint Mary’s, by New Goshen, Toronto, and Quaker Point, to Newport. From Saint Omer, by Sulphur Hill, Winterroud, and Flat Rock, to Columbus. b From Salem, by Beck’s Mills, and Organ Spring Mill, to Fredericks- UI'g• From Salem, by Canton, New Philadelphia, and Vienna to Lexington. From Salem, by Kossuth, Walnut Ridge, Millport, Vahonia, Brownstown, Valley Farm, and Cortland, to Rockford. From Salem, by New Philadelphia, to Little York. From Salem, by New Retreat, Livonia, Claysville, and Lost River, to Orleans. _ _ From Salem, by Texas, Leesville, Heltonville, and Fairfax, to Bloomin on. From Saltilloville to Bono. From Saltilloville, by Clayville, to Livonia. From Scatfold Prairie, by Wright, to Sullivan. From Scottsville to Galena. From Selma, by Albany, and Niles, to Montpelier. From Seymour to Nashville, by Waymansville, and Pike’s Peak. From Seymour to Redington. Frgm ggellbyville, by Franklin, to Hensley. m e vill b Noah, Greenlziel · n - mn, to Huntsgmefi Y d, D eu, Mendo , and Pendle From Shelbyville Ito Winterroud. rom mit e , y Albany, and James Ba.nsom’s l r. From %p;n{5r, lay C)ataract,§o Cloverdale. ’ to Momma ic _ rom e s ran e ew a .i I Kmgsum, to Greeulgburgg , S lem, P chland, O arksburg, and From Stilesville, by Wadesville, to Gosport.