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IN THE STATE OF IOWA. 81 From Des Moines to New Jeiferson. From Des Moines, by Pilot Grove, and Macksville, to Lewis. From Des Moines, to Saint Joseph, in Missouri. From Des Moines, by Boone, Adell, McKay, Allen, and Hamlin’s Grove, tggacedoniab Mein Boone Odel, McKa Panora; and Bear Grov to Council Blun's. cs, y , y, 0, From Des Moines, by Adell, McKay, Panora, and the county-seats of grggubon, Shelby, and Harrison Counties, and Sargent’s Bluffs, to Sioux 1 . From Des Moines, by Greenbush, and Montpelier, to Winterset. From Des Moines, by Leaning’s Point, Hornbuckle’s Point, Kinnoy’s Mill, and Cousin’s Point, to Fort Dodge. From Des Moines, by Marietta, Cedar Falls, Mentral, and Old Mission, to Prairie dn Chien, in Wisconsin. From Des Moines, to Nevada, thence to Quebec, and Eldora. From Des Moines, by Nevada, to Marietta. From Du Moines, by Nevada, Minerva Grove, Henry Grove, and Eldora, to Cedar Falls. From Des Moines, by Saylorsville, Polk City, Hopkins’ Grove, Bapids, Bellepoint, Boonsboro’, and Dakota, to Homer. From Des Moines, by Story Court-House, to Eldora. From Des Moines, by Sommerset, to Indianola. From Des Moines, by Winterset, Quincy, Clarinda, and Sidney, to Nebraska City. From Des Moines, by Winterset, Afton, Bedford, and Mound City, in Missouri to White Cloud, in Kansas. From De Witt, by Grand Mound, and Toronto, to Tipton. From De Witt, by Tipton, to Iowa City. From Dexter to Afton. - From Dodgeville, by Morning Sun, Virginia Grove, and Cairo, to Columbus City. · From Donelson, by Dover, Clay Grove, and Pilot Grove, to Salem. From Drakesville, by Unionville, Moravia, and Dodge’s Point, to Garden Grove. · From Drakesville, by Unionville, Moravia, and Iconium, to La Grange. From Dubuque, by Bellevue, and Sabula, to Davenport. From Dubuque, by Buncombe, Otter Creek, Farmer’s Creek, and Fulton, to Maquoketa. From Dubuque, by Centertown, Whitewater, and Rockville, to Delhi. From Dubuque, by Channingsville, New Vine, Oakland, Viola, Tivola Colony, Newstead, Elkader, Highland, Elyria, West Union, Douglas, and Old Mission, to Fort Atkinson. BIF;;-m Dubuque, by Delhi, Harmick, and Fort Dodge, to Sargeant’s u GFrom Dubuque, by Durango, Pin Oak, Millville, and Guttenburg, to arnavillo. From Dubuque, by Englislfs Mills, to Cascade. From Dubuque, by English’s Mills, John Graham’s, Preston, Mount Pleasant, Hopkinton, and Vinton, to Fort Des Moines. From Dubuque, by Garry, Owen, Canton, Cobb, Tipton, Bock Creek, and Moscow, to Muscatine. From Dubuque, by Independence, Grundy, Hardin, and Risley, to Fort Dodge. - From Dubuque, by Independence, Wambo, Bradford, Saint Charles, and Floyd Centre, to Osage. _ _ _ From Dubuque, by the Milwaukie and Mississippi Railroad route, to Janesville, in Wisconsin. From Dubu ue, by Mosalem, Spruce Mills, Wickliffe, Sabula, Elk River, Lyons, (Comanche, Princeton, Le Clair, and Pleasant Valley, to Davenport. n s m-6