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ALC IERS, 1815. 5 To all to whom these presents shall come or be made known: Whereas the_ underwritten, David Humphreys, hath been duly ap- germs ,,,,4,,, gf pointed Commissioner Plempotentiary by letterspatent under the sig- David Humphreys. nature of the President and seal of the United States of America dated the 30th of March, 1795, for negociatiug and concluding a treaty of peace with the Dey and Governors of Algiers; whereas by instructions, given to him on the part of the Executive, dated ’the 28th of March and 4th of April, 1795, he hath been further authorized to employ Joseph Donaldson, junior, on an agency in the said business; whereas, by a writing under his hand and seal, dated 21st May, 1795, he did constitute and appoint Joseph Donaldson, junior, agent lin the business aforesaid; and the said Joseph Donaldson, jun., did, on the 5th of September, 1795, agree with Hassan Bashaw, Dey of Algiers, to keep the articles of the preceding treaty sacred and iuviolable: l Now know ye that I, David Humphreys, Commissioner Plenipoten-. mimi mmm. tiary aforesaid, do approve and conclude the said treaty, and every ’¤i<>¤_ reserved to . article and clause therein contained; reserving the same, nevertheless, P"?°‘d""* °f uw for the final ratiiication of the President of the United States of Amer- Umm Sm€°' gatby and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the said United a es. In testimony whereof I have signed the same with my hand and seal, at the City of Lisbon, this 28th of November, 1795. [L. S.] DAVID HUMPHREYS. ALGIERS, 1815. TREATY OF PEACE AND AMITY CONCLUDED BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES June 30—July 6, OF AMERICA AND HIS HIGHNESS OMAR BASHAW, DEY OF ALGIERS, 1815. JUNE 30 AND JULY 6, 1815; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE DECEM- —————·———- BER 21. 1815; R.ATIFIED BY PRESIDENT DECEMBER 26, 1815; PROCLAIMED DECEMBER 26, 1815. [Renewed December 22-23, 1816.] Anrronn I. There shall be, from the conclusion of this treaty, a firm, inviolahle, Pcaceuudfriendand universal peace and friendship between the President and citizens of Ship- ~the United States of America on the one part, and the Dey and subjects of the Regency of Algiers, in Barbary, on the other, made by the free consent of both parties and on the terms of the most favored nations. And if either party shall hereafter grant to any other nation any par- 1.—,,,,,,,,, g,,,,,,,,,,, ticular favor or privilege in navigation or commerce, it shall immedi- toother uationsto ately become' common to the other party; freely, when it is freely l>¤•><>¤¤·> <=<>¤¤¤¤<>¤· granted to such other nations, but when the grant is conditional, it shall be at the option of the contracting parties to accept, alter, or reject such conditions, in such manner as shall be most conducive to their respective interests. Anrronn II. It is distinctly understood between the contracting parties, that no Ab,,;;;;,,,, ,,5 tribute, either as biennial presents, or under any other form or name tribute. whatever, shall ever be required by the Dey and Regency of Algiers from the United States of America, on any pretext whatever. Anrronn III. The Dey of Algiers shall cause to be immediately delivered up the Prisoners to be American squadron now off Algiers all the American citizens now in his ¤‘°¤*°*°d- possession, amounting to ten, more or less; and all the subjects of the Dey of Algiers, now in possession of the United States, amounting to