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4 PUBLIC TREATIES. Anrrorn XVII. Privileges of the The Consul of the United States of North America shall have every °°!‘” **1 °*' “'° personal security given him and his household. He shall have liberty U"'t°d S°"t°°' to exercise his religion in his own house. All slaves of the same religion shall not be impeded in going to said Consul’s house at hours of prayer. The Consul shall have liberty and personal secur1ty given him to travel, wheneverhe pleases, within the Regency. He shall have tree license to go on board any vessel lying in our roads, whenever he shall think ilt. The Consul shall have leave to appoint his own dragoman and broker. ARTICLE XVIII. Case of wer. -Should a war break out between the two nations, the Consul of the United States of North America, and all citizens of said States, shall have leave to embark themselves and property unmolested on board of what vessel or vessels they shall think proper. Anrrorm XIX. Captured cl ti- Should the cruisers of Algiers capture any vessel having citizens of ¤¤¤¤ *0 M m¤¢¤· the United States of North America on board, they having papers to ““°d· prove they are really so, they and their property shall be immediately discharged. And should the vessels of the United States capture any vessels of nations at war with them, having subjects of this Regency on board, they shall be treated in like manner. Anmcrm XX. Snlutcs. Cn a vessel of war belonging to the United States of North America anchoring in our ports, the Consul is to inform the Dey of her arrival, and she shall be saluted with twenty-one guns, which she is to return in the same quantity or number. And the Dey will send fresh provisions on board, as is customary, gratis. Aarrom XXI. Fm entry for '1‘he Consul of the United States of North America shall not be re- °°¤¤¤l· qu1red to pay duty for anything he brings from a foreign country for the use of his house and family. Anricrm XXII. vi.,] Mi,,,,, .,5 Should any disturbance take place between the citizens·of the United treaty. States and the subiects of this Regency, or break any article of this treaty, war shall not be declared immediately, but everything shall be searched into regularly. The party injured shall be made reparation. Dm, of tl-,,,,,t,y_ On the 21st of the Luna of Safer, 1210, corresponding with the 5th September, 1795, Joseph Donaldson, jun., on the part of the United State of North America, agreed with Hassan Bashaw De of Al iers [See mtime iv, . . . . • Y . 8 ¤ ,,.,,,,3. of 18;;, ,,_ to keep the articles contained in this treaty sacred and irfviolable, which 6.] we,_ the Dey and Divan, promise to observe, on consideration of the sum to be paid United States paying annually the value of twelve thousand Algeriuo W WB DM'- sequins in maritime stores. Should the United States forward a larger quantity, the overplus shall be paid for in money by the Dey and Re- Subsequent cap- gency. Any ve sel that may be captured from the date of this treaty gg, $:1* *·° l>° ¤*· g peace and amity shall immediately be delivered up on her arrival in ‘ giers. VIZER HASSAN BASHAW. JOSEPH DONALDSON, JUN. [Seal of Algiers stamped at the foot of the original treaty in Arabic.]