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ALGIERS, 1795. 3 Anrrcrn XI. All ships of war belonging to the United States of North America, on Treatment of anchoring in the ports of the Regency, hall receive the usual presents ****9* of WM °f oi provisions and refreshments gratis. Should any of the slaves of this U'"°'°d Bmw" Regency make their escape on board said vessels, they shall be immediately returned. No excuse shall be made that they have hid themtsmyes amongst the people and cannot be found, or any other equivoca- Anrrcm XII. No citizen of the United States `cf North America shall be obliged to Slaves. redeem any slave against his will, even should he be his brother; neither shall the owner of a slave be forced to sell him against his will but all such agreements must be made by consent of parties.Should capturedamer-i- any American citizen ibe taken on board an enemy ship by the cruisers ¤¤¤¤· of this Regency, having a regular passport specifying they are citizens of the United States, they shall be immediately set at liberty. On the contrary, they having no passport, they and their property shall be consid-eged lawful prize, as this Regency know their friends by their pass- P0 Ancrrcnn XIII. Should any of the citizens of the United States of North America die Estates or citiwithin the limits of this Regency, the Dey and his subjects shall not gm Q; .U”.**’°d interfere with the property of the deceased; but it shall be under the R;;°::°yy`"“’° °h° immuliate direction of the Consul, unless otherwise disposed of by will. ` Should there be no Consul, the edects shall be deposited in the hands of some person worthy of trust until the party shall appear who hasaright to demand them, when they shall render an account of the property. Neither shall the Dey or Divan give hindrance in the execution of. any will that may appear. Anmcm XIV. No citizen of the United States of North America shall be cbligedto pm-,,;,,,,,, gf purchase any goods against his will, but on the contrary, shall be allowed goods. . to purchase whatever it pleaseth him. The Consul of the United States of North America, or any other citizen, shall not be amenable for debts p,,,,,,; gf contracted by any one of their own nation, unless previously they have debts. given a written obligation so to do. Should the Dey want to freight any American vessel that may bein the Regency, or Turkey, said vos- gum, of v,,. sel not being engaged, in consequence of the friendship subsisting eels by the Dey. between the two nations he expects to have the preference given him, on his paying the same freight offered by any other nation. Anmcm XV. Any disputes or suits at law that may take place between the sub- settlement ot jects of the Regency and the citizens of the United States of North d¤¤i>¤¤=¤· America shall be decided by the Dey in person, and no other. Any disputes that may arise between the citizens of the United States shall be decided by the Consul, as they are in such cases not subject to the laws of this Regency. ARTICLE XVI. Should any citizen of the United States of North America kill, punt.],.,,"; anwound, or strike a subject of this Regency, he shall be punished in the anault. same manner as a Turk, and not with more severity. Should any citizen of the United States of North America in the above predicament, escape prison, the Consul shall not become answerable for him.