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FRANCE, 1858, 1869. 253 ARTICLE XIII. The present convention shall remain in force for the space of ten years Duration or canfmm the dag of the exchange of the ratiilcations, which shall be made Y¤¤¤i<>¤· in conformi ._ with the respective constitutions of the two countries, and exchanged at Washnngton with1n the period of six months, or sooner if Ratinenicns. possible. In case neither party gives notice twelve months before the expiration of the said period of ten years of its intention not to renew this convention, it shall remain in force a year longer, and so ou from year to year, until the expiration of a year from the day on which one of the parties shall give such notice. ` In testimony whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Signatures. convention, and hereunto adixed their respective seals. Done at the city of Washington the twenty-third day of February, Date. anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three. EDWARD EVERETT. {1.. s. SABTIGES. [1.. s. FRANCE, 1858. CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND FRANCE, Fe1».10.1868· AGREEING T0 AN ADDITIONAL ARTICLE T0 THE EXTRADITION CONVEN- *—·——·—· Tl0N BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRIES; CONCLUDED AT WASHINGTON FEBRUARY 10, 1858; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE, WITH AMEND- KENT, JUNE 15, 1858; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT JUNE 28, 1858; HATIFICA- TIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON FEBRUARY 12, 1859; PROCLAIMED FEBRUARY 14, 1859. Addititmal article to the ertradition convention between the United States and France, of the 9th of November, 1843, and to the additional article of the 24th of February, 1845. It is agreed between the high contracting parties that the provisions Add i f i ¤ ¤ • I of the treaties for the mutual extradition of criminals between the Uni- °"'“°‘ R: ·"mf£ ted States of America and France, of November 9th, 1843, and Febru— £:,.,r°.::§,,,,d_ y ary 24th, 1845, and now in force between the two Governments, shall ex— [So, ,,p_2.;y_249_] tend not only to persons charged with the crimes therein mentioned, but also to persons charged with the following crimes, whether as principals, accessories, or acnomplices, namely: Forging or knowingly passing or putting in circulation counterfeit coin or bank-notes or other paper current as money, with intent to defraud any person or persons; embezzlement by any person or persons hired or salaried to the detriment of their employers, when these crimes are subject to infamous punishment. In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the signature., present article in triplicate, and have adixed thereto the seal of their arms. Done at Washington the tenth of February, 1858. Date. LEW. CASS. SEAL.] SARTIGES. SEAL. j FRANCE, 1869. CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITEDXSTATES OF AMERICA AND HIS MA- April 16, 1869, JESTY THE EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH CONCERNING TRADE-MARKS, .—.-——-— CONCLUDED APRIL 16, 1869; RATIFIOATION ADVISED BY SENATE APRIL 19, 1859; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT APRIL 30. 1869; RATIFICATIONS EX- CIIANGED AT WASHINGTON JULY 3, 1869; PROCLAYMED JULY 6, 1869. The United States of America and His Majesty the Emperor of ·the _Contmcti¤g par- French, desiring to secure in their respective territories a guarantee of *·'°°· property in trade-marks, have resolved to conclude a special convention