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254 PUBLIC TREATIES. N¢8°*i•*¤¤‘¤· for this urpose and have named as their Plenipotentiaries: The President ofpthe United States, Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State, and His Majesty the Emperor of the French, J. Berthemy, Commander of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honor, &c., &c., &c., accredited as his Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentmry to the United States ; and the said Plenipotentiaries, after an examination of their respective full powers, which were found to be in good and due form, have agreed to and signed the following articles: Amrronn I. Protection or Every reproduction in one of the two countries of trade-marks anixed ¤’¤d¤·¤!¤¤¤‘k¤· in the other to certain merchandise to prove' its origin and quality is forbidden, and shall give ground for an action for damages in favor of the injured party, to be prosecuted in the courts of the country in which the counterfeit shall be proven, just as if the plaintiff were a subject or citizen of that country. Dm.,,,,,,, of u, The exclusive right to use a trade-mark for the benefit of citizens of elusive rights. the United States in France, or of French subjects in the territory of the United States, cannot exist for a longer period than that fixed by the law of the country for its own citizens. when t nd G- If the trade-mark has become public property in the country of its mark hecemespub- origin, it shall be equally tree to all in the other country. lic property. Aurrcnn II. Where trad e- If the owners of trade-marks, residing ih either of the two countries, !¤¤¤‘k¤ W b<> ¢l¤l><>¤· wish to secure their rights in the other country, they must deposit du- ‘”°d· plicate copies of those marks in the Patent-Ofiice at Washington, and in the clerk’s office of the tribunal of commerce of the Seine, at Paris. Anrrcnn IIL Duration or an- The present arrangement shall take efect ninety days after the exv¤¤¤i¤¤- change of ratitlcations by the two governments, and shall continue in force for ten years from this date. In case neither of the two high contracting parties gives notice of its intention to discontinue this convention, twelve months before its expiration, it shall remain in force one year from the time that either of the high contracting parties announces its discontinuance. Anrxcnn IV. netiecations. The ratitications of this present arrangement shall be exchanged at Washington, within ten months, or sooner if possible. signatures. In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the present convention in duplicate, and adixed thereto the seal of their arms. Date. Done at Washington the sixteenth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixtyniue. HAMILTON FISH. s11m.. BEBTHEMY. [snr.]