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298 PUBLIC TREATIES. Negotistors. The President of the United States, on his part, has appointed Albert Gallatin, their Envoy Extraordinary and .MlDlSCCI Plenipotentiarj to the Court of France, and Richard Rush, the1r_Envoy Eirtraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of His Britannia Majesty j and His Majesty has appointed the Right Honorable_Fredericl: J olin hobinson, Treasurer of His Majesty’s Navy and President of the (,omnu`ltee of Privy Council for Trade and Plantations, and Henry (ionlbnrn, Lsq., one of His Majesty’s Under Secretaries of State; _ Who, after having exchanged their respective full powers, found to be in due and proper form, have agreed to and concluded the following articles: Anrrcrn I. D¤ii¤i ti_<>¤ 0* Whereas differences have arisen respecting the liberty claimed by the g°gl‘“°“ “gh° °f United States, for the inhabitants thereof, to take, dry, andcure fish on S mg' certain coasts, bays, harbours, and creeks of His Britannic Majest.y’s dominions in America, it is agreed between the high contracting parties [See Articles I that the inhabitants of the said United States shall have forever, in and II, treaty of common with the subjects of His Britannia Majesty, the liberty to take 185* PP: 330- **1,* fish of every kind on that part of the southern const of Newfoundland f:;;’,"°;`?°$IIPj which extends from Cape Ray to the Rameau Islands, on the western 362.]y ’ and northern coast of Newfoundland; from the said Cape Ray to the Quirpon Islands, on the shores of the Magdalen Islands, and also on the coasts, bays, harbours, and creeks, from Mount Joly, on the southern coast of Labrador, to and through the Streights of Belleisle. and thence northwardly indefinitely along the coast, without prejudice, how-

,,,;,,,,,, nay ever, to any of the exclusive rights of the Hudson ·Bay Company

Company. And that the American fishermen shall also have liberty forever to dry and cure fish in any of the unsettled bays, harbours, and creeks of the southern part of the coast of Newfoundland, hereabove described, and of the coast of Labrador; but so soon as the same, or any portion thereof, shall be settled, it shall not belawfnl for the said fishermen to dry or cure flsh at such portion so settled without previous agreement for such purpose with the inhabitants, proprietors, or possessors 1;,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,;,,,, by of the ground. And the United States hereby renounce forever any the United States. liberty heretofore enjoyed or claimed by the inhabitants thereof to take, dry, or cure fish on or within three marine miles of any of the coasts, bays, creeks, or harbours of His Britannic Majcsty’s dominions in America not included within the abovementioned limits: Provided, however, that the American fishermen shall be admitted to enter such bays or harbours for the purpose of shelter and of repairing damages therein, of purchasing wood, and of obtaining water, and for no other purpose whatever. But they shall be under such restrictions as may be necessaryto prevent their taking, drying, or curing fish therein, or in · any other manner whatever abusing the privileges hereby reserved to em. Aarrorn 1I. N,,,,,,,,,, bound, It is agreed that a line drawn from the most northwestern point of ary of the United the Lake of the Woods along the forty-ninth parallel of north latitude, Stem- or if the said point shall not be in the forty-ninth parallel of north latitude, then that a line drawn from the said point due north or south, as the case may be, until the said line shall intersect the said parallel of north latitude, and from the point of such intersection due west along and_with the said parallel, shall be the line of demarcation between the territories of the United States and those of His Britannic Majesty and that the said line shall form the northern boundary of the said tcrritories of the United States, and the southern boundary of the territories ¢IG0H:z1£;itannic Majesty, from the Lake of the Woods to the Stony