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GREAT BRITAIN, 1818. 299 Amicus III. It is agreed that any country that may be claimed by either party on Country westthe northwest coast of America, westward or the sum Mmnnmms Wm 0*.**** Sm? shall, together with its harbours, bays, and creeks, and the navigation; M°°°""°°`. of all rivers within the same, be free and open for the term of ten years t,;,?;` I' from the date of the signature of the present convention to the vessels, ;m.j`pl citizens, and subjects of the two Powers; it being well understood that this agreement is not to be construed to the prejudice of any claim which entherof the two high contracting parties may have to any part of the said country, nor shall it be taken to affect the claims of any other Itower or State to any part of the said country; the only object of the _lngb contracting parties, in that respect, being to prevent disputes and dxiferences amongst themselves. Amwcma IV. All the provisions of the convention “to regulate the commerce be- C°¤'¤¤**,9¤ 0* tween the territories of the United States and of His Britannia Majesty,” 181* °°“' concluded at London on the third day of July, in the year of our Lord [Su" . mm, one thousand eight hundred and iiiteen, with the exception of the clause ,1,,,, .,,*I,‘I;,,.,m,., of which limited its duration to four years, and excepting also, so far as 1827, pp. 3l1,312.] the same was affected by the declaration of His Majesty respecting the island of St. Helena, are hereby extended and continued in force for the term of ten years from the date of the signature of the present convention, in the same manner as if all the provisions of the said convention were herein specially recited. Anrrom V. Whereas it was agreed by the first article of the treaty of Ghent 1;.,;.,,-.,.;,,., to 1.; that “ all territory, places, and possessions whatsoever taken by either article of treaty of party from the other during the war, or which may be taken after the Gh°°°· _ signing of this treaty, excepting only the islands hereinafter mentioned, t [sf Q";;}? I- sbsll be restored without delay, and without `causing any destruction, 2Q;'?], ° ’p’ or carrying away any of the artillery or oeher public Property originally captured in the said forts or places, which shall remain therein upon the exchange of the ratiilcations of this treaty, or any slaves, or other private property;" and whereas under the aforesaid article the United Claim for slaves. States claim for their citizens, and as their private property, the restitution of or full compensation lor all slaves who, at the date of the exchange of the ratineations of the said treaty, were in any territory. places, or possessions whatsoever, directed by the said tremy to be restored to the United States, but then still occupied by the British forces, whether such slaves were, at the date aforesaid, on shore, or on board any British vessel lying in waters within the territory or jurisdiction of the United States; and whereas differences have arisen whether, _ Di¤'¤r¤¤<=¤¤‘sr¤w- by the true intent and meaning of the aforesaid article of the treaty of Isgm $3: s,:v““‘° Ghent, the United States are entitled_ to the restitution of or full com- ' peusation for all or any slaves as above described, the high contracting parties hereby agree to refer the said differences to some triendly sovereign or State, to be named for that purpose ;' and the high contracting parties further engage to consider the decision of such friendly sovereign or State to be iinal and conclusive on all the matters referred. Aamcnn VI. This convention when the same shall have been duly ratified by the Ratifiuntions. President of the lifnited States, by and with the advice and consent of their Senate, and by his Britannic Majesty and the respective ratiilca- ’ Referred to the Emperor of Russia. See treaty of 1822, relative to indemnity under award, p. 303 ; also Supplemental Convention of 1826, p. 308.