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300 PUBLIC Tnmrins. tions mutually exchanged, shall be binding and obligatory on the said United States and on His Majesty; and the ratiiications shall be exchanged in six months trom this date, or sooner if possible. _ Signatures. In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentaries have signed the same, and have thereunto ahixed the seal of their arms. Date. Done at London this twentieth day of October, In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. ALBERT GALLATIN. [L. s.] RICHARD RUSH. [L. s.] FREDERICK JOHN ROBINSON. [L. s.] HENRY GOULBURN. {L. s.] June 18, 1822. DECISION OF THE COMMISSIONERS UNDER THE SIXTH ARTICLE Or THE -————-——~ TREATY OF GHENT, DONE AT UTICA, IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK, 18TH JUNE, 1822. D¤¤E¤*9¤ ¤*` the The undersigned Commissioners, appointed. sworn, and authorized, °°";“‘“::t$°;`“· V in virtue of the sixth article of the treaty of peace and amity between mEM‘;’ of #8*;, gj Hils Britannlic Majestyfand the United States of America, concluded at god] ’ent on t c twenty- ourth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, imnartiully to examine, and, by a report or declaration,under their hands and seals,to designate ‘* that portion of the boundary of the United States from the point where the 45th degree of north latitude strikes the river Iroquois or Cataraqua, along the middle of said river into Lake Ontario,throngh the middle of said lake until it strikes the communication, by water, betweenthat lake and Lake Erie; thence, along the middle of said commun1cation,1nto Lake Erie, through the middle of said lake. until it gmvesda; th¢;_wat3r communication Into Lake Huron ; thence, through e m1 e o said wa er communication into Lake H · th> ·¤ through the middle of said lake, to the writer communicaliziiiii metweeii that lake and Lake Superior_; " and to _“ decide to which of the two con- §£f‘.¥“$JL€t’Z“£2.‘iE.f.E‘§i2$¥§.'ii‘§ $}.”“"§* "€*‘gi“i¥,“l“ "’°·”"‘ ‘?"°"’ """’i’ . re ecivey con n' 't `t the true intent of the thirty of 17E5B:" Do decide aiidldggiaiej F.‘2°..Y‘${€‘§`¥é’t€,f.E‘§.S;’§§‘E§§ 'tilig (E2'}}.?.}; ‘Z,1‘?.?i€"t"‘°“"" “"?"“‘“" °" “ - I 1 in corr ~ · · ·- lineations of all the rivers, lakes, water cominunicfitiohsifaigd mhiiidls, ggiablraeed b/yhthtig sintii article of the treaty of Ghent, by a black line ti..£‘a.§’é‘ a.‘éLf$f’L?§i.Zl3°'L.$°°’ im °“ "‘*’ti“"“i*."‘t‘i“£ ‘““° W`? i _ s eso maps ISI ent" . f - cate, subscribed by the Commissioners, and by the twiocpriniitpsiicrsur veyors employed by them,) is the true boundary intended by the two begre-mentioned treaties, that is to say: Description or eginning ata stone monument er `tedl A d` . me Ubquudary of in the year of our Lord one thoudandceighiibhunlilrleidvaiiiilszgiienlgeileldlldii ‘ ‘* “"’°‘1 S*”·*°°- tha spplth gang, or shore;, of] tlge said river Iroquois or Cataraqua., (now ca c e ». awrence w ic mon I t b .· I . . g,.,... and m,-¤v, minaastvttt, anJl'?Sight§3.§i.?.‘L`If£;.i€.Y?.{‘l?3’t€‘§`§?,,$it distant from the stone church in the Indian village of St. Regis and indicates the point at which the forty-lifth parallel of north latitude strikes the said river; thence, running north thirty-five degrees and fort Jive minutes west, into the river, on a line at right angles with the souiihern shore, to a point one hundred yards south of the opposite island called Cornwall Island; thence, turning westerly and passin arou’nd the Soutthegnlantlfwestern sides of said island, keeping one hgimdred yards isan ere rom and iollowiu th ‘ · · ,.,.,.0.ii, to tt. taatwta §t°3E`I,3§“??§§i5°i§';%T?’ Ei‘1.1.£’§‘i£ and along the middle of the main river, until it approaches his eastern extremity ol l5a.rnhart’s Island; thence northerly, along the channel