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GREAT BRITAIN, 1842. 315 contained in any of the said statements ubmitted to him, the requisition for such elucidation or evidence shall be simultaneously made to both parties, who shall thereupon be permitted to bring further evidence, if required, and to make, each, a written reply to the specitick questions submitted by the said Arbiter, but no further; and such evidence and replies shall be immediately communicated by each party to the other. · And in case the Arbiter should tlnd the topographical evidence, laid as aforesaid before him, insutllcientfor the purposes of a sound and just decision, he shall have the power of ordering additional surveys to be made of any portions of the disputed boundary line or territory, as he may think tit ; which surveys shall be made at the joint expense of the contracting parties, and be considered as conclusive by them. ARTICLE VII. The decisioutof the Arbiter, when given, shall be taken as final and Decision of the conclusive; and it shall be carried, without reserve, into immediate uhm'- effect, by Commissioners appointed for that purpose by the contracting parties. An:r1cLE VIII. This convention shall be ratilied, and the ratiiications shall be ex- Rstincstiom. changed in nine months from the date hereof, or sooner if possible. In-witness whereof, we, the respective Plenipotentiaries, have signed gig,,;,,,,, the same, and have atlixed thereto the seals of our arms. Done at London the twenty-ninth day of September, in the year of Dato. our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven. ALBERT GALLATIN. L. s. CHA. GRANT. L. s. HENRY UN WIN ADDINGTON. L. s. GREAT BRITAIN, 1842. _ TREATY BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HER BRITAN- A¤gu¤t9, 1842. NIC MAJESTY RELATIVE TO BOUNDARIES, SUPPRESSION OF THE SLAVE- —-—-—-— T-RADE, AND EXTRADITION OF CRIMINALS, CONCLUDED AT WASHING- . TON' AUGUST 9, 1842; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE AUGUST 20, 1842; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT AUGUST 22, 1842; RATIFICATIONS Ex-


A treaty to settle and define the boundaries between the territories of the United States and the possessions of Her Brimnnic Majesty in North America ; for the final suppression of the African slave-trade ; and for the giving up of criminals fugitive from justice, in certain cases. Whereas certain portions of the line of boundary between the United P¤¤¤ml»1¤· States of America and the British dominions in North America, described in the second article of the treaty of peace of 1783, have not [See Article II, yet been ascertained and determined, notwithstanding the repeated treaty of 1783.vpattempts which have been heretofore made for that purpose; and *6-267-] whereas it is now thought to be for the interest of both parties, that, avoiding further discussion of their respective rightsyarising in this respect under the said treaty, they should agree on a conventional line in said portions of the said boundary, such as may be convenient to both parties, with such equivalents and compeusations as are deemed just and reasonable; aud whereas, by the treaty concluded at Ghe_ut on the 24th day of December, 1814, between the United States and His Britannic Majesty, an article was agreed to and inserted of the following tenor, [seep. 292.] vizt: “Art. 10. Whereas the traiiic in slaves is irreconcilable with the