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32 PUBLIC TREATIES. deserter have committed on shore an iudictable oiience, the local authorities shall be free to postpone his extradition until due sentence shall have been passed and executed. The high contracting parties agree that seamen, or other individuals forming part of the ship s crew, who are citizens of the country in which the desertion took place, shall not be anected by the provisions of this article. Anriow XIII. Settlement or In all cases where no other agreement to the contrary exists between d*““*8°° °“¤*'**¤°d owners, freighters, and insurers, all damages sudered a.t_sea by the ves- '" °°“ sels of the two countries, whether they enter the respective ports voluntarily or by stress of weather, shall be settled by the Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, or Consular Agents of their respective nations, provided no interests of citizens of the country where the said functionaries reside, nor of citizens of- a third Power are concerned. In that case, and in the absence of a friendly compromise between all parties interested, the adjudication shall take place under supervision of the local authorities. Aurrons. XIV. Wrecks. In the event of a vessel belonging to the Government, or owned by a citizen of one of the two contracting States, being wrecked or cast on shore upon the coast of the other, the local authorities shall inform the Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, or Consular Agents of the district of the occurrence, or if such Consular Agency does not exist, they shall communicate with the Consul General, Consul, Vice-Consul, or Consular Agent of the nearest district. Salvage. All proceedings relative to the salvage of American vessels wrecked ` or cast on shore in Austro-Hungarian waters shall be directed by the United States Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, or Consular Agents; also all proceedings relative to the salvage of Anstro-Hungarian vessels wrecked or cast on shore in American waters, shall be directed by Austro·Huugarian Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, or Consular Agents. An interference of the local authorities in the two countries shall take place for the purpose only of assisting the consular authorities in maintaining order and protecting the rights of salvors not belonging to the crew; also for enforcing the regulations relative to the import or export of the merchandise saved. _In the absence and until the arrival of the Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, or Consular Agents, or their duly appointed delegates, the local authorities shall take all the necessary measures for the protection of persplns andslprgrebiévaticén of th; property saved from the wreck. o c arges a ma e or the interference of the l cal authorities in such cases, except for expenses incurred through siglvage and the preservation of property saved, also for those expenses which, under similar circumstances, vessels belonging to the country where the wreck happens would have to incur. In case of a doubt concerning the nationality of the wrecks, the local authorities shall have exclusively the management and execution of the provisions laid down in the present article. The high contracting parties also agree that all merchandise and goods not destined for consumption in the country in which the wreck takes place shall be free of all duties. Amrcm XV. Prcrogatives cr Consuls General Consuls Vice-Con ul ···»···—·»¤~·= ··¤~···· cm-¤»» a.pi¤¤,c’¤a.t.1rqa,..d c..?...?.;.“3‘.l.£3;‘S;lIE‘.i¤%.%°§}it“SE2 two countries all the liberties, prerogatives, immunities, and privileges granted to functionaries of the same class of the most favored nation.