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AUSTRIA, 1870. gg ARTICLE XVI. In case of t.he death of a citizen of the United States in the Austrian- Residents dying Hungarian Monarchy, or of a citizen of the Austrian-Hungarian Mon- i¤¤*¤*¤¤°· archy in the United States, without having any known heirs or testamentary executors by him appointed, the competent local authorities shall inform the (aonsuls or_Consular Agents of the State to which the deceased belonged of the circumstance, in order that the necessary information may be immediately forwarded to the parties interested. Anrrorn XVII. The present convention shall remain in force for the space of ten Duration of eonyears from the date of the exchange of the ratiiications, which shall be "““‘?“· . made in conformity with the respective constitutions of the two R”m°°t'°°°' countries, and exchanged at Washington within the period of ten (10) months, or sooner, if possible! _In case neither of the contracting parties gives notice before the expiration of the said term of his intention not to renew this convention, It shall remain in force a year longer, and so on, from year to year, until the expiration of a year irom the day on which one of the parties shall have given such notice. In testimony whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Signatures. convention, and hereunto aiiixed their respective seals. Done in duplicate at Washington, the eleventh day of July, in the Date. year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy. [SEAL.% HAMILTON FISH. | SEAL. LEDERER. AUSTRIA, 1870. CONVENTION BBTXVEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HIS MAJ- Scpego, 1g7g_ ESTY THE EMPEROR OF AUSTRIA, RELATIVE TO NATURALIZATION, -—-—— CONCLUDED AT VIENNA SEPTEMBER 20, 1810; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE MARCH 22, 1871; RATIEIED BY PRESIDENT MARCH 24, 1871; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT VIENNA JULY 14, 1&s11; PROCLAIMED AUGUST 1, 1871. The President of the United States of America, and His Majesty the C 9¤ Meeting Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia, etc., and Apostolic King of P""·‘°’· Hungary, led by the wish to regulate the citizenship of those persons who emigrate from the United States of America to the territories of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to the United States of America, have resolved to treat on this subject, and have for that purpose appointed Plenipotentiaries to conclude a convention, that is to say: The President of the United States of America, John Jay, Envoy Negotiatoi-s. Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States to His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty; and His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, etc., Apostolic King of Hungary, the Count Frederick Ferdinand de Beust, His Majesty’s Privy Counsellor and Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Empire, Minister of the Imperial House and of Foreign Aifairs, Grand Cross of the Orders of St. Stephen and Leopold, who have agreed to and signed the following articles: ARTICLE I. Citizens of the Austroliungarian Monarchy who have resided in the Wnotobedeeined United States of America uninterruptedly at least five,_and during ¤M¤¤¤l¤¤¤d <= 1**

  • ‘ By resolution of the Senate the time for exchange of ratifications was extended

three months. R s Iv-3