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34 PUBLIC TREATIES. shall be held by the Government of Austria and Hungary to be American citizens, and shall be treated as such. _ [ses Article IV.] Reciprocally, citizens of the United States of America who have resided in the territories of the Austro-Hungary Monarchy uninterrupt edly at least live years, and during such residence have become naturalized citizens of the AUSCPO-HHDg`8TlRH Monarchy, shall be held by the United, States to be citizens of the Anstrollungarian Monarchy, and shall treated as such. _En‘eetotdcelsra- The declaration of an intention to become a citizen of the one or the

  • '°¤ °f*°*°“*’°”- other country has not for either party the eifect of naturalization.

ARTICLE II. Oifenses commit- A naturalized citizen of the one party, on return to the territory of g:lnl*°*`°*° °¤¤l8¤*· the other party, remains liable to trial and punishment for an action ‘ punishable by the laws of his original country, committed before his emigration, saving always the limitation established by the laws of his original country and any other remission of liability to punishment. vm,t,;.,,, of mm. In particular,:: former citizen of the Austro·Huugarian Monarchy, who, WW laws. under the iirst article, is to be held as an American citizen, is liable to trial and punishment, according to the laws of Austro-Hungary, for nonfullilment of military duty: lst. If he has emigrated, after having been drafted at the time of conscription, and thus having become enrolled as a recruit for service in the standing army. 2d. If he has emigrated whilst he stoodin service under_ the flag, or had a leave of absence only for a fignited time. 3d. If, having a leaveofabsence for an unlimited time, or m(lgRi¤5ng2<Lhh§1:§s:cr::(;r to thfe m1l1txa,)he harsxelmigrated after having ·· a 1 ora erauamat' " i appearance, or after war has broken oldt. 12)}: the otherohgdduhnihgmlei citizen of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, naturalized in the United States, who or after, his emigration hastransgressed the legal pro- Ziggogpgilimgedgty by any agtsgrl omissions other than those above _ n _ _ auses num er one, two, and three, can on his ggtargottoohisacgriginal conntry,_neither be held subsequently to military _ j _ _ mn liable to trial and punishment for the non-fulfilment ot his military duty. Aurrcus III. Treaties or 1836 The convention for the mutual delivery of c il f 't' f tgiclugsfemellléz Justice, concluded on the 3d July, 1856, betweenrtlmgoverhhieldsbftax and 2,] 1p' United States of America on the one part, and the Austro-Hungarian mortilarcfhyl on the other part, as well as the additional convention, signed 3;; (103 btat May, $848, to the treaty of commerce and navigation c0¤· especially :{]¢:l!:t:·p;l;=:lg;lnGgyKi1;nt;11ts `on Ebel 27th of August, 1839, and _ _ s r ic e t 'di · - fézncioncerining the delivery of the deseiters i£roS:i1the(s(lli'ps)roil`lwca);1;ilI:l ant vessels, remain in force without change. Amucnn IV. Reuunciation or The cmigrant from the one State lro ‘ · · ““‘““""*'°“· held as a citizen of the other State? sliallw 13212% t1lisArIe5tfll·(l1ItdSl¤lg original country, be constrained to resume his former citizenshi · et if he shall of his own accord reacquire it, and ren th`P, , obtained by naturalization s h ‘ ‘ (mum 0 cmzms IP Rccovuy of km period of msidmcc sl; lilcbca renuneation is allowable, and no - ·,, c · _ v _ _ _ _ _¤ requirei tl ‘f li's sgi **1 “·”°” recoxery of citizenship in his original countrytu. lc mmgmmm O I Amrrcnn V. Duration of con- The present convention shallt · · "“"°“· change of ratiilcations and shallibiitl 0 emu?} Immediately on uu? Bx- , , » inne1n torce ten years. If neither party shall have given to the other six months’ previous notice of its